So many mysteries out in the world but what are the top five mysteries that science has yet to provide any plausible explanation for? Here’s my pick of the top five.


Yawning is a communicable action meaning the idea of yawning, seeing someone do it or even speaking about it can cause a yawn to surface. Even watching a dog yawn can influence you to yawn. Why does this biological behavior occur? What is its purpose?

There are several ideas regarding yawning. One of the cool ideas is that by yawning the neck, sinuses, jaws all receive more blood and because of greater blood, more heat is removed from the body. Did you know that you yawn less in hot weather when the body will not cool much in the air? In other words, you tend to yawn when you don’t need it but fail to yawn when you really need it. Another idea abound is that we yawn to keep ourselves from falling asleep. It is the body’s way of alerting itself and improving concentration.


Ghosts don’t exist if you believe in Science right? Well a majority of population does and that warrants an explanation. Infrasound or low frequency sounds that humans cannot perceive but household appliances and storms make exist. Such sounds while cannot be heard by a human, can induce sensations of unease in use. Because sounds are mostly vibrations, the infrasound vibrations tend to interfere with what we feel and see. Then there are theories that ghost observations are mostly hallucinations due to some sort of temporary poisoning such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Deja Vu

Have you had the feeling that this has happened before, you have seen it somewhere and then realize that it happened in your past? This feeling is called déjà vu and it occurs to everyone.

In some scientific circles, the idea exists that this feeling is triggered when you enter an environment that you had previously entered but could not register in the past consciously. Hence, your mind is lost in the old sensations as it tries to process new sensations and this is what causes déjà vu. In a study conducted recently, it was noticed that two drugs used to fight flu together tend to give a recurring déjà vu sensation. Is it possible that the brain simply failed to encode information correctly branding new data as old?


We agree this is pure ridiculous to include in this list but think of all the names given to bigfoot and its relatives around the world. How can something like this have multiple sightings around the world with differing names? Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie and Bigfoot are all names for a similar kind of huge wild man. Definitive proof may not be available but that does not mean science has disproved its presence.

Placebo Effect

Placebo groups in drug trials include those who are used as a control group. These folks are not given the actual test drug but never told that. This is to understand the difference between those on the drugs and those off it. In several legitimate studies, it has been seen that there is some amount of positive effect on the placebo group if the actual drugs start working in the test. This is astonishing because the pills given usually are sugar pills.