The Alternative Health Care Plan Being Run by Congress is Not the Solution

The reason Medicare Supplement plans for 2020 have such urgency is that this is the last year of the Obama Presidency. This means that the Internal Revenue Service has basically handed over the running of the Social Security Administration to the new administration of Eric Holder. You see, Eric Holder, the Attorney General, ran the Department of Justice. He did nothing to help the poor and needy and instead pursued the wealthy and rich. His job is to collect money from those who are guilty of committing crimes.

So when Eric Holder runs the Internal Revenue Service, he is going to try to collect from the very people he has helped to prosecute. That is why he will require that all Medicare Supplement plans for 2020 come out the same as they are now. But if Congress does not make the necessary changes, then the entire program will be shut down.According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, there are millions of Americans who rely on Medicare to support their families. These people are in trouble with the fact that they do not have enough money. While unemployment rates are at historic lows, the people who are still employed are making a lot less than what their years of experience should entitle them to make.

The result is that millions of Americans are out of work or unemployed, with their insurance companies footing the bill for them. Their monthly expenses are getting out of control and the idea of having to deal with so many deductibles is certainly not appealing.The federal government has provided millions of dollars in loan money to states for their Medicaid programs and Supplemental plans for seniors. The problem with these loans is that they too are getting out of control. It is about time that the government starts demanding that supplemental plans for seniors be made in a more reasonable way.

That is not going to happen. In order to get along in America, seniors have to have reasonable Medicare Supplement plans for 2020 found on And, this means that there should be some kind of meaningful change.We must make sure that the uninsured cannot afford coverage. We must eliminate the bankruptcy complex that has allowed insurance companies to operate with so much malpractice. And we must have a sensible health care reform plan that actually eliminates premiums.

So, where are all the political leaders going to find the courage to demand that seniors have more reasonable supplemental plans for 2020? Why, they will just take the usual route and try to run out the clock. It looks like we are going to have to take matters into our own hands and demand that Congress act before it is too late.How much do you think President Obama will be willing to pay in hush money to get this done? Of course he will say absolutely not. So the real question is, “How much will Congress and the President be willing to do to help the struggling seniors?”

Many Americans want to see a national health care system put in place but have no clue how to go about having one because they are afraid of the alternative health care plan they see on TV. It is sad to think that the majority of Americans do not understand what Medicare really is.Indeed, a national health care system would be a very easy solution to our health care problems. It would also be the only solution that would be of benefit to the American people. Please consider all this.