Are CLEP exams easier than AP?

CLEP vs AP Test Difficulty: Which is Harder? According to May 2019 pass rate data, students may have found AP exams more difficult. CLEP exams had a 68% pass rate while AP exams had a 65% pass rate. However, there were many more AP examinees than CLEP test takers.

How long does it take to study for CLEP chemistry?

Studied for 3.5 weeks only on weekdays about 6 hours per day. Used ModernStates course 80%, 15% Petersons tests, 5% youtube/khan academy.

How do I prepare for Chemistry CLEP?

Studying. If you are in high school, a good way to study for the Chemistry CLEP exam is to take an advanced placement, or AP, chemistry class at your school. The topics covered in this advanced class will help prepare you for the CLEP exam.

How many questions are on the CLEP Chemistry?

The exam contains approximately 75 questions to be answered in approximately 90 minutes. Some of these are pretest questions that won’t be scored. Questions on the Chemistry exam require candidates to demonstrate one or more of the following abilities.

Are CLEP tests hard to pass?

Thankfully, CLEP tests are actually easily passed by anyone willing to put in the study time and effort. I’ve personally talked with hundreds of CLEP students from high schoolers to adult learners who have successfully passed and earned college credit.

How hard is it to get a 50 on CLEP?

Generally, only 50 out of 80 is needed to pass a CLEP exam, which comes out to a grade of 63%. The catch is that a CLEP test will appear as a “P” for “pass” on your transcript whether you get a 50 or an 80. Since CLEP exams cover such a broad range of concepts, you are not expected to pass with flying colors.

What are the easiest CLEP exams?

  1. Analyzing and Interpreting Literature.
  2. College Composition / College Composition Modular.
  3. Spanish, French, or German.
  4. Information Systems and Computer Applications.
  5. Introductory Sociology.
  6. College Mathematics.
  7. Social Studies and History.
  8. Principles of Marketing.

Can you use a periodic table on chemistry CLEP?

Important! – Both a calculator and periodic table are available for use with the Chemistry CLEP. These are built into the testing software if you’re taking a computer-based test. If you are taking a paper test, you’ll need to make sure the testing center knows that you are allowed to use these items.

How do you pass chemistry?

  1. Write Down What You Know. Don’t risk drawing a blank when confronted with a calculation!
  2. Read the Instructions. Read the instructions for the test!
  3. Preview the Test.
  4. Read Each Question Completely.
  5. Answer Questions You Know.
  6. Show Your Work.

Do CLEP exams affect GPA?

CLEP exams have no effect on your grade point average—all they do is allow you to receive course credit. That means any passing grade on a CLEP test earns you the same amount of college credit—no matter if you get a “C” or an “A” on the exam.

Does Harvard accept CLEP?

Credit by Examination We do not accept all CLEP exams, so check with an advisor before registering for one. The minimum acceptable score is 56. Harvard Extension School does not accept all ACE-approved credit.

What are the 34 CLEP exams?

  • Composition and Literature.
  • World Languages.
  • History and Social Sciences.
  • Science and Mathematics.
  • Business.

How many times can I take a CLEP exam?

Can you retake a CLEP test? You can take CLEP tests as many times as you want (though you’ll have to pay the $87 fee each time).

What score do you need to pass CLEP test?

CLEP test scores range from 20 to 80 points, with 50 being the minimum passing score suggested by the American Council on Education (ACE) for most tests. However, each of the colleges and universities accepting CLEP tests sets its own minimum exam scores for granting semester-hour credits.

What is the highest score you can get on a CLEP test?

Your raw score increases by 1 point for each question answered correctly. that ranges from 20, the lowest, to 80, the highest. This scaled score is the score that appears on your score report.

Can I take CLEP exam at home?

CLEP now offers test takers the option to take a CLEP exam at home with remote proctoring.

Do CLEP study guides really work?

This book is great for preparing to take any CLEP exam. It gives an overview of the exams and provides a full practice test for each of the 33 exams they offer. It’s a great guide to gauge where you are at and how much you need to work on. This is written by College Board who also writes the exams.

Is it worth it to take CLEP exams?

Taking CLEP exams offers two primary benefits to students. The program makes it possible to save time and money while earning a degree [2]. It also lets students earn credit for knowledge they already have, either from independent study or experience.

Is CLEP test multiple choice?

Overview of the Exams Most CLEP exams are designed to correspond to one-semester courses, although some tests correspond to full-year or two-year courses. The format of most questions is multiple choice.

How many CLEP credits are accepted?

With CLEP, you can test out of 60 credits in total. But, it depends on how many credits your college will accept by Credit by Exam. In general, you can earn up to 25% of your undergraduate degree and 40% of a 2-year degree. The number of credits you can earn with CLEP exams are different at each school.

Do colleges prefer AP or CLEP?

Often, parents and students want to know which test is better, an AP or CLEP exam. Generally, AP scores are more widely accepted by colleges than CLEP scores when it comes to placing out of courses. Even so, a high CLEP exam on your student’s resume may still boost their chances of acceptance into a college.

Do colleges look at CLEP exams?

More than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities grant credit for CLEP. A college’s CLEP credit policy explains: which CLEP exams are accepted by the institution.

How are CLEP scores calculated?

  1. Your “raw score” is the number of questions you answered correctly.
  2. Your raw score is then converted to a scaled score that ranges from 20 to 80, and this is the score that appears on your score report.

Can you test out of organic chemistry?

Placing Out of Organic Chemistry Unfortunately, there is no way to “place out” of any course at Yale. However, you can take a placement test to demonstrate you have completed the first semester of organic chemistry as a prerequisite to CHEM 221, CHEM 230, or any biochemistry courses.

What is CLEP chemistry?

The CLEP examination places a major emphasis on understanding the structure and states of matter, reaction types, equations and stoichiometry, equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics, and descriptive and experimental chemistry.

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