Can a Nintendo Switch be repaired?

The Nintendo Switch console will need to be repaired. For your convenience, Nintendo offers a quick and easy-to-use online repair process.

Does Nintendo do free Switch repairs?

If you purchased your Nintendo Switch less than a year ago and it is not physically damaged, your repair is likely free. When sending your Nintendo Switch to a repair center, carefully wrap and pad the console to prevent any damage during shipping.

What happens if you break your Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo outlines one of two options. Either you’ll get your hardware sent back to you, or Nintendo will store it in their warehouse facilities for safe keeping until the quarantine blows over. No one knows when that’ll be, so you could be out of a Switch for a while.

How long is the warranty on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo systems carry a standard 12-month warranty, which is one of the longest standard warranties in the video game industry. Games and accessories sold separately carry a three-month warranty.

Does Nintendo Switch screen scratch easily?

Introduction. Nintendo Switch’s 6.2-inch touchscreen display makes it vulnerable to sharp objects, just like your smartphone. Avoiding any damage to the screen seems self explanatory but one bring problem since its release has been the dock scratching the delicate screens.

How do you fix a scratched screen Switch?

How do you fix a water damaged Switch?

If the system has been submerged more severely, you may also consider leaving the Switch to dry in a bag or bucket of uncooked rice. This can take a couple of days to fully absorb all of the moisture in your Switch. After air-drying for a few days, attempt to power the Switch back on.

How do I contact Nintendo for repairs?

If you wish to get your game repaired or replaced and your game was made directly by Nintendo, please call (800) 255-3700 to discuss the available options.

Can I still send in my joy cons for repair?

If you’re sure that your Joy-Cons are suffering from “drift” or any other problems, it’s time to send them in for repairs. Nintendo performs free Joy-Con repairs in most countries, though you need to fill out a form to submit a repair. Once you submit a repair form, Nintendo will give you a shipping label.

How do I know if my Nintendo Switch is under warranty?

To find out if your Switch is still under warranty you just need to go contact Nintendo’s customer service and ask. You will need your serial number for your Switch when you speak with them. The warranty varies depending on where a console was purchased.

How much does it cost to fix Nintendo Switch blue screen?

A blue screen on Nintendo Switch can occur because of physical damage to the screen, a broken dock, or a software issue. First, try restarting the console. If it works when docked, try updating the software. Past that you’ll need to talk to Nintendo Support for a repair, which costs ~$120.

Will a Switch break if dropped?

How Many Times Can the Nintendo Switch be Dropped From 5 Feet and Live? Apparently 11 times will kill it, but aside from a few scratches the screen remains intact. People will likely take good care of their new Nintendo Switch units, given the $300 price tag.

Does dropping a Switch break it?

If you drop the Nintendo Switch on the floor or the ground, buttons, sticks, etc. may break down even if the screen is not cracked. Do not drop it or hit it against a hard object.

Are Nintendo switches durable?

Overall, the Switch is actually pretty durable. The Switch’s console and Joy-Cons are durable and are hard to damage. Its screen is made of plastic and won’t shatter like glass would if broken. Because it is made from plastic, it can be easily scratched and a screen protector is probably needed.

Does Nintendo Switch warranty cover accidental damage?

Does Nintendo Switch warranty cover accidental damage? The Nintendo warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, but the Loveit Coverit Nintendo Switch insurance policy does.

Do you need a receipt for Nintendo Switch warranty?

You will need the sales receipt or bill from an authorized retailer as proof of purchase. This proof of purchase must be presented to the Nintendo Authorized Service center, and they will determine if the service will be covered under the warranty.

How do I claim warranty on my Nintendo Switch?

If you want to claim a Nintendo Switch warranty, you can do it by calling the company’s Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-255-3700. Their working hours are Monday–Sunday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pacific Time. When you reach a customer assistant, explain what problem you are experiencing with your device.

How do you fix scratched plastic?

Apply a mild abrasive, such as toothpaste, furniture polish, baking soda or plastic polish to the scratch. Try our VuPlex Plastic Cleaning Kit which will also give your surface a gloss finish. Wipe a clean cloth over the paste you have added in a circular motion.

Is Nintendo Switch screen glass or plastic?

One of the big changes Nintendo made with the Switch OLED is one you might not realise when you first pick it up: the screen is made of glass and not plastic, as was the case with the original Switch and the Switch Lite.

How does toothpaste fix scratches?

Paste-based toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive that levels out the scratch, removing it or making it less noticeable. It’s important, however, to proceed with caution: Use the wrong technique, and you could dull the finish or create more scratches, worsening the problem.

Does the Switch OLED scratch easily?

Using a scratch test that determines whether a screen is plastic, glass, or sapphire, JerryRigEverything discovers that the Nintendo Switch OLED’s glass screen has a surface level of plastic and scratches surprisingly easily.

How do you get scratches out of an OLED screen?

Begin by gently rubbing the scratch on the TV in a circular motion. Use care as it’s important not to rub too hard or friction from the microfiber cloth can make the scratch worse. Continue to use a circular motion while keeping the microfiber cloth damp with your Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water solution.

Do screen protectors hide scratches?

Can a Nintendo Switch recover from water damage?

Can a Nintendo switch be repaired after water damage? Yes, it can be repaired if it’s not heavily damaged by the water with a few tips and tricks. However, if the problem is severe, the only option is to send it to Nintendo to fix it though you will not fall under warranty as Nintendo doesn’t cover water damage.

Can water damaged consoles be repaired?

For example, if the water hasn’t gone inside the console, the damage would be repairable in most cases. But if you have completely drowned the console, then there might be a lot of internal damage, and the chances of a successful repair may get low.

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