Can hydrofluoric acid dissolve a bathtub?

When Jesse puts the dead Emilio in a bathtub and adds the acid, he proceeds to dissolve the body, as well as the tub, the floor supporting the tub, and the floor below that. Hydrofluoric acid is corrosive stuff. Hydrofluoric acid attacks the silicon oxide in most types of glass.

Is Breaking Bad based on chemistry?

So anyone who has seen this show knows the main product that Walter uses his chemistry expertise to produce: (S)-N-methyl-1-phenyl-propane-2-amine, also known as N-methylamphetamine, popularly referred to as “crystal meth.” At first, Walt goes about the synthesis using pseudoephedrine, a plant-based phenyl ethylamine …

Did Bryan Cranston learn chemistry for Breaking Bad?

Bryan Cranston may play a one-time chemistry teacher turned meth cook, but turns out he really knows his science. TMZ dug up a few photos of the “Breaking Bad” actor from high school showing him in a chemistry club.

What type of chemistry is used in Breaking Bad?

In Breaking Bad, methylamine is used by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as they use reductive amination of phenylacetone (P2P) to yield methamphetamine – a process they devised to circumvent the need to buy pseudoephedrine.

Is Breaking Bad at all realistic?

Despite popular belief, Breaking Bad didn’t take any inspiration from real-life stories of drug dealers. Rather, creator Vince Gillian first conceptualized the idea after working on The X-Files.

Is the Breaking Bad Magnet possible?

Final verdict. While destroying a hard drive using magnets is highly plausible, ‘The Magnet Scene’ from Breaking Bad appears unfeasible. The same scene was also investigated by MythBusters in the final episode of their spin-off series MythBusters Jr.

What is p2p Breaking Bad?

Phenyl-2-Propanone, more commonly known as p2p is the method that Walt and Jesse use in the later parts of the show, when they move onto making meth in large quantities. Rather than pseudophedrine, the basis for meth using the p2p method is methylamine and phenyl-2-propanoane.

Who was the cook in Breaking Bad?

Aaron Paul, aka Jesse “Cap’n Cook” Pinkman Jesse became so popular with Breaking Bad’s cult following that the powers-that-be thought it folly to kill him off.

Can you actually dissolve a body in hydrofluoric acid?

Walter knows that an acid such as hydrofluoric acid (HF) will be able to dissolve the bodies as it can destroy tissue and decalcify bone, so he steals a few large bottles of HF from his high school chemical stores.

Is the battery in Breaking Bad possible?

Probably not. According to, the makeshift battery would only have churned out about 12 volts and 20-30 amps of current at the most.

Who is the real life Walter White?

Why does Breaking Bad feel so realistic?

Breaking Bad is believable not only because of its characters, but because of its realistic context. The people are put in dramatic and heightened situations that feel real because, on some level, they are real.

What happened to the real Walter White?

BILLINGS, Mont. – Walter White, a Lockwood man who coincidentally has the same name as the lead character in the AMC television series “Breaking Bad,” has been sentenced to more than 12 years in federal prison for dealing methamphetamine.

What is the strongest acid in the world?

Fluoroantimonic acid is the strongest super-acid known in existence which is 100,000 billion billion billion times more acid than gastric acid (pH of -31.3.). This substance is so strong it will eat through skin, bones, and pretty much any container used to store it.

Does acid destroy DNA?

The bodies were mummified. Sulfuric acid can behave differently to hydrochloric acid, as it is an oxidising acid. So the low pH alone will not destroy DNA evidence. Sulfuric acid, in it’s pure state, is a strong dehydrating agent.

What does HF burn feel like?

The usual initial signs of a dilute solution HF burn are redness, swelling and blistering, accompanied by severe throbbing pain.

What is the strongest magnet in the world?

A neodymium-iron-boron magnet is the strongest magnet in the world, with a strength of up to 34 tons. The neodymium-iron-boron magnetic field is so powerful that it emits a shrieking sound when turned on.

How do you destroy a laptop hard drive without evidence?

There are many more creative ways that you can destroy your hard drive such as setting it on fire, cutting it up with a saw or magnetizing it. However, simply scratching the hard drive disk and smashing it a bit with a hammer will get the job done!

What is a degausser used for?

A degausser is a machine that disrupts and eliminates magnetic fields stored on tapes and disk media, removing data from devices like your hard drives. The degaussing process changes the magnetic domain where data is stored, and this shift in domain makes data unreadable and unable to be recovered.

What is methylamine used for legally?

Regulation. In the United States, methylamine is controlled as a List 1 precursor chemical by the Drug Enforcement Administration due to its use in the illicit production of methamphetamine.

Did Walter White ever try his product?

I just want to hear those conversations, really. Alas, Walter White lived and died without intentionally getting baked on his own creation, and the show didn’t suffer for it.

Is Walter White smart?

Though Walt proved himself a brilliant chemist and clever strategist, there were moments on Breaking Bad where he managed to look quite foolish. There is no denying that Walter White is one of the most intelligent characters in Breaking Bad. His quick thinking has gotten him out of many sticky situations.

WHO warned Hank about the twins?

Gus then advised the Cousins to carry out a hit on Hank, giving them a pass since the DEA was usually off-limits. Before the Cousins could assassinate Hank in a shopping center parking lot, Gus called the man to warn him about the attack.

How long does a body take to decompose in acid?

British murderer John George Haigh used sulfuric acid to dissolve at least six of his victims in the 1940s. He processed the bodies in a 45-gallon oil drum and reported that the victims dissolved completely in about two days.

Why do they put lye on bodies?

The process is called alkaline hydrolysis and was developed in this country 16 years ago to get rid of animal carcasses. It uses lye, 300-degree heat and 60 pounds of pressure per square inch to destroy bodies in big stainless-steel cylinders that are similar to pressure cookers.

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