Can there be 2 corresponding authors in Elsevier?

Yes, you can. An article can have more than one corresponding author. Elsevier allowed me to do this in my previous accepted manuscript. ” While some journals allow the practice of including two contact authors or corresponding authors, many journals do not.

Is ACS Synthetic Biology A good journal?

ACS Synthetic Biology has been certified as a transformative journal by cOAlition S, committing to a transition to 100% open access in the future. If your research funder has signed Plan S, your open access charges may be covered by your funder through December 31, 2024.

What is ACS Author Choice?

The ACS AuthorChoice option establishes a fee-based mechanism for authors or their research funding agencies to sponsor the open availability of their articles on the Web at the time of online publication. You can find out more about ACS AuthorChoice including the license details and sharing permissions here.

What are the ethical obligations of authors publishing in an ACS journal?

During manuscript submission, ACS journal authors are required to disclose the nature of any competing and/or relevant financial interest. A statement describing any financial conflicts of interest or lack thereof is published with each manuscript.

Can there be 2 first authors?

Shared co-first authorship is defined as two or more authors who have worked together on a publication and contributed equally [8]. This equal contribution is often indicated in the fine print of a published paper or in an investigator’s curriculum vitae [9].

Can you have multiple corresponding authors?

Yes, articles can be published with more than one corresponding author, but the peer review system can accommodate only one. Authors can include more than one corresponding author to an article, but it mostly depends on the journal or publisher guidelines.

What is a good impact factor?

In most fields, the impact factor of 10 or greater is considered an excellent score while 3 is flagged as good and the average score is less than 1. However, the impact factor is best read in terms of subject matter in the form of the 27 research disciplines identified in the JournalCitation Reports.

What is the impact factor of ACS Omega?

ACS Omega is a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal published since 2016 by the American Chemical Society. The editors-in-chief are Krishna Ganesh and Deqing Zhang. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2021 impact factor of 4.132.

Is ACS Publications reliable?

As a nonprofit scholarly publisher, ACS Publications offers: Trusted Peer Review — ACS Publications maintains the highest editorial standards, with fast, informed peer review and publication decision-making by prominent editors who are active researchers in the field.

Is American Chemical Society reliable?

We’re recognized as a leading publisher of authoritative scientific information. Our 65+ peer-reviewed journals are ranked the “most-trusted, most-cited and most-read.”

How do I check my ACS manuscript status?

How do you write a paper in ACS format?

  1. Abstract.
  2. Title.
  3. Introduction.
  4. Experimental details (Theoretical analysis)
  5. Results and Discussion.
  6. Conclusions.
  7. Acknowledgments.
  8. References.

What is journal publishing agreement?

About the Journal Publishing Agreement The agreement gives authors a number of rights regarding the use of their article (subject to certain conditions). It also outlines the transfer of copyright of the article. The copyright can be held either by the author or by the ACS depending on a number of certain factors.

How long does it take to publish in JACS?

Just Accepted manuscripts gives authors the option to post their manuscript online within 24 hours of acceptance. JACS Communications median time from submission to published on the Web: 8 weeks.

Can you have 3 co-First authors?

Only one of the authors will appear as first author, in any publication. Every other entry is a secondary entry. However, corresponding authors could be as many as three depending on the multi-disciplinary nature of the article.

Can three people be co authors?

Layers of Authorship When there are only three or four members on a research paper team, the workload should be fairly easy to divide up, with a corresponding designation of one lead author and two or three co-authors. However, when the size of the team increases, a point is reached when co-authors become contributors.

How do you indicate CO-first authorship?

Joint first authors can be indicated by the inclusion of the statement ‘X and X contributed equally to this paper’ in the contributorship statement.

How many corresponding authors can be there?

Articles can be published with more than one corresponding author, but only one can be accommodated by the Peer Review System.

Who is more important first author or corresponding author?

However, the author who guides all authors in planning a research work and who may provide his/ her lab, lab facilities and other requirements is the Corresponding author. Corresponding author is the most important author in a research article.

Why multiple corresponding authors are needed?

There are many reasons why two corresponding authors may be required. For instance, two different laboratories may collaborate on different aspects of a paper, and one corresponding author would be required from each lab to be able to answer readers’ questions on the two aspects.

Is 2.8 a good impact factor?

In most fields, the impact factor of 10 or greater is considered an excellent score while 3 is flagged as good and the average score is less than 1. This is a rule of thumb.

What journal has highest impact factor?

  • CA- A Cancer Journal for Clinicians | 435,4.
  • Natural Review Materials | 123,7.
  • Quarterly Journal of Economics | 22,7.
  • Nature Reviews Genetics | 73,5.
  • Cell | 58,7.
  • Journal of Political Economy | 12,1.
  • New England Journal of Medicine | 66,1.
  • Econometrica | 8,1.

What is the difference between h index and impact factor?

The h index is used to evaluate a researcher’s or an author’s scientific productivity based on the number of published research papers and their citations. In contrast, the impact factor evaluates the total number of articles cited within the Journal during the previous two years.

Is it difficult to publish in PNAS?

Depends on what you call as level. Its impact factor is less than that of Science but nonetheless it is highly competitive. Publishing in PNAS is not an easy job even if you think your work is good enough. In general Science publishes strikingly novel work while Nature usually publishes extensive work.

Is PNAS a Q1 journal?

About Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America is a journal covering the technologies/fields/categories related to Multidisciplinary (Q1). It is published by National Academy of Sciences.

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