Can you bill therapeutic activity and therapeutic exercise?

CPT Code 97110- Therapeutic Exercise When billing and documenting for therapeutic exercise, the following must be kept in mind. You must include the body part(s) treated, and should include specific muscle(s) and/or joint(s) to avoid any confusion about each exercise.

How do you bill for therapeutic exercise?

CPT 97530 Therapeutic Activities CPT code 97530 requires “use of dynamic activities to improve functional performance. Examples of such activities include lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, throwing, etc.” Billing this code also requires direct, one on one contact, billed in 15-minute increments.

Can physical therapists bill for at home exercise?

Reimbursement for Self-Care Products at Home There is no specific CPT code for home exercise instruction. The time spent in educating the patient in a home exercise program for strengthening & stretching activities should be designated as therapeutic exercise, 97110.

Is documentation time billable for physical therapy?

You can’t bill for documentation. Documentation takes time—there’s no denying that. Even if you have an EMR system that streamlines the process, there’s still a lot of effort that goes into creating notes that are complete, correct, and compliant.

What is the difference between therapeutic exercises and therapeutic activities?

When a patient is expected to reach multiple outcomes by performing their therapeutic movements, they are engaging in an therapeutic activity. When only one outcome is expected, they are performing a therapeutic exercise.

What is the CPT code for therapeutic exercise?

CPT® code 97110: Therapy procedure using exercise to develop strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility, each 15 minutes.

What counts as therapeutic activity?

Specific examples include hand assembly activities, transfers (chair to bed, lying to sitting, etc.), swinging, catching, lunging and throwing. (In contrast to therapeutic exercise which uses one parameter-strength, ROM, flexibility).

How many units can you bill for PT?

Per Medicare rules, you could bill one of two ways: three units of 97110 (therapeutic exercise) and one unit of 97112 (neuromuscular reeducation), or. two units of 97110 and two units of 97112.

What is the 8 minute rule in physical therapy?

8-Minute Rule Basics Basically, a therapist must provide direct, one-on-one therapy for at least eight minutes to receive reimbursement for one unit of a time-based treatment code.

What can be billed under manual therapy?

97140 Manual Therapy Sessions that can be billed under this physical therapy CPT code can cover joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, manual traction, and manual lymphatic drainage.

What can be billed under gait training?

Specific Indications For Gait Training (CPT Code 97116) The patient has had an injury or condition that requires instruction in the use of a walker, crutches, or cane. The patient has a condition that requires retraining in stairs/steps or chair transfer in addition to general ambulation.

Can you bill for chart review physical therapy?

There’s a lot of confusion around whether PTs can bill for assessment and management time. The short answer is “yes,” PTs can—and should—account for assessment and management time in their billing and documentation.

Can you bill for charting time?

Time (minutes) Prior to 2021, only the face-to-face time with the patient can be considered for time-based coding. Using this example, that would be less than 18 minutes (assuming chart review was performed before the face-to-face time).

What is POC in physical therapy?

POC Physical Therapy Abbreviation. 5. POC. Plan of Care + 1.

Can you bill gait training as therapeutic activity?

When you’re billing for gait training (97116), mechanical traction (97012), or manual therapy (97140), the therapeutic intent is pretty cut and dried.

Can you bill manual therapy and therapeutic activity together?

Interventions that apply to each CPT code, grouped appropriately (i.e., all manual therapy inventions should be separate from any therapeutic activities). The one-on-one time in minutes for both manual therapy and therapeutic activities, as well as the total one-on-one treatment time in minutes.

Is stretching considered therapeutic exercise?

Therapeutic exercises are performed in either an active, active-assisted or passive (e.g., treadmill, isokinetic exercise, lumbar stabilization, stretching, strengthening) approach.

Is physical therapy a therapeutic procedure?

Physical therapists are highly trained professions, skilled in the use of manually applied forces to relieve pain or correct acquired joint impairments such as restricted motion or mal-positioning anywhere along the muscle-tendon-joint complexes.

What is the difference between 97110 and 97140?

Compare the remaining time for 97110 (33-30 = 3 minutes) to the time spent on 97140 (7 minutes) and bill the larger, which is 97140. Appropriate billing is for 3 units. Bill the procedures you spent the most time providing.

Who can perform 97110?

The description of CPT 97110 states “therapeutic exercise” which can include any kind of exercise whether it’s performed by a physical therapist, occupational therapist or a chiropractic. The diagnosis must be related to chiropractic and fall under the local coverage determination of specific state.

Can you bill 97530 and 97110 together?

You will not be able to use a 59 modifier to charge 97530 with an initial evaluation. Note that you can continue to bill other timed codes, such as 97110, 97112 and 97140 with an initial evaluation. However, you will now be required to use a 59 modifier if you bill 97140 (manual therapy) with an initial evaluation.

Can CPT 97110 and 97112 be billed together?

You would need the mod-59 on 97112 so that they know it is a different 15-minute time period than the 97110, otherwise they will bundle the codes.

How many therapy units is 40 minutes?

Appropriate billing for 40 minutes is for 3 units.

What is the rule of 8?

The 8-minute rule states that to receive Medicare reimbursement, you must provide treatment for at least eight minutes. Using the “rule of eights,” billing units that are normally based on 15-minute increments spent with a patient can be standardized.

Can you bill 97110 twice a day?

You can bill for 1 unit of 97110, 1 unit of 97140, 1 unit of 97116 and NO units of 97035. Even though you performed 4 procedures, you can only bill for a maximum of 3 units so choose the procedures you spent the most time performing.

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