What Is Pure Science? Discover the Basics Now!

Science is everywhere, from the smallest insects to the vast expanse of space. It’s a subject that’s constantly changing and evolving with new discoveries being made every day. But what is pure science? In its most basic terms, pure science can be defined as the study of the natural world around us without any practical … Read more

How Did Barometers Advance Science? Discover the Fascinating History

Barometers are one of the oldest and most reliable scientific instruments in history. They were invented in the 17th century to measure air pressure, a crucial factor for predicting weather patterns and forecasting extreme events such as hurricanes and storms. The invention of barometers had a profound impact on science and technology, leading to numerous … Read more

What Is Applied Science?

Science is an incredibly broad and captivating subject that’s constantly evolving as humans make new discoveries. Within the vast world of science, there are several different branches, one of which is applied science. Applied science is a critical part of many aspects of human life – from technology to medicine, industry, agriculture, and even forensics. … Read more

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