Do you have to pay for Pearson?

When you buy an initial 4-month Pearson+ subscription, you’ll be billed monthly until your 4-month term has ended. You can turn on auto-renew in My account at any time to continue your subscription before your 4-month term has ended.

How long does a mastering chemistry subscription last?

from one to two years, depending on your textbook. If you received a student access code from your instructor: Your class may be participating in a trial program with Mastering, also known as a “class test”. Such trial programs allow you to access Mastering up to six months. Log in to Mastering.

How do I get my free access code for mastering chemistry?

Go to the Mastering sign-in page for your discipline (,, and so on). Under Register, click Educator > No > Request Access and follow the on-screen instructions. Your status as an Educator will be verified, and a code will be sent to the email address that you provide.

Can I do mastering chemistry on my phone?

You may be able to use your Android or iOS mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to work on regular Mastering assignments as well as any Learning Catalytics sessions and Dynamic Study Modules. Work you do on a mobile device is synced to your view of your Mastering course on a laptop or desktop computer.

What is Pearson mastering chemistry?

Mastering Chemistry is the teaching and learning platform that empowers you to reach every student. When combined with educational content written by respected scholars across the curriculum, Mastering Chemistry helps deliver the learning outcomes that students and instructors aspire to.

How long does a Pearson account last?

When you purchase a Pearson+ subscription, it will last 4 months. Before your initial 4-month term ends, you can extend your subscription by turning auto-renew on in My account. If you turn auto-renew on, we’ll automatically renew your subscription and charge you every month until you turn off auto-renew.

How long is a Pearson access code good for?

Access codes are only good for one use, and access cannot be transferred to another user. If you need new access, please see Registration: Help for Students without an Access Code.

How can I get free Pearson?

  1. Register as a student.
  2. Enter the instructor-provided course id.
  3. Complete account information.
  4. Click the option to get temporary access without payment.
  5. Confirm your temporary subscription and proceed to the course.

Where do I enter my Pearson access code?

To use your access code: Enter your access code in the boxes or copy and paste the whole access code into the first box. Click Finish. A Confirmation page appears where you can check your order details and go to your course.

Can you do learning Catalytics from home?

Join Session (upper right) from the Course Home on a computer. If you have access, you can join a Learning Catalytics session. You are prompted to purchase a subscription to Learning Catalytics if you don’t have access yet.

Is there a Pearson mastering app?

The Pearson+ app is available for Mobile Devices using the App Store or Google Play and Chromebooks that have access to the Google Play Store, giving students offline access to their MyLab and Mastering eTexts.

Can I use mastering chemistry on iPad?

You can use an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to work on Mastering assignments. You may need to return to your computer to complete some assignments or items.

Which features are interactive in the eText?

eText is online, interactive text. With eText you can: hear the whole text read aloud, and see words highlight as they are read. search in the text. use the interactive glossary.

How much does Pearson revel cost?

In addition, Pearson in 2014 introduced Revel, a $65 online platform equipped with digital text and learning tools that can enliven course content with interactive media and assessments.

Can I share my Pearson account?

Can I transfer an account to another person? An account may not be transferred from one user to another, nor may the name be changed on the account unless the user has had a legal name change. Each subscription grants access for a single user. One username and password is issued for the subscriber’s use.

Can you buy an access code without buying the book?

Yes, you absolutely can. While many textbooks come with an access code, they are available to purchase separately online if you do not have one. The process is easy and should not take a lot of time. Use comparison sites such as to help find the best price for the access code that you are looking for?

How much does Pearson MyLab cost?

Pearson+ starting at $9.99/mo.

Can you buy Pearson access code?

You can buy an access code packaged with your textbook or as a standalone access code kit. Or you can buy instant access with a credit card or PayPal account.

Can you use Pearson without a course ID?

Only a Pearson account (email and password) and an access code are needed. Note: If your Pearson MyLab & Mastering course is being delivered via MyLabsPlus you do not need to register or have a Course ID. Please contact your instructor for course access information.

Are Pearson and revel the same thing?

With Pearson Revel, a new learning experience can begin. Fully digital and highly engaging, Revel replaces the textbook. Revel is an interactive learning environment that seamlessly blends authors’ narrative, media, and assessment, enabling students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience.

Does chegg give you access codes?

Access codes only come included with new textbooks. If you are looking to purchase a used textbook but need an access code, you will most likely have to purchase them separately.

How do I get a Pearson account?

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap on My Profile and then Tap on Lets Go!
  3. Tap On Create an Account. Note: If you already have a Pearson account, enter your username and passoword, then tap on continue.
  4. Enter your Personal and Account information then tap on Create Account.

How do I cancel my Pearson Plus subscription?

If you need to cancel within the first 14 days of your subscription, use the Pearson Virtual Assistant from any page in Pearson+ to request cancellation. We’ll send you an email confirming your cancellation and process your full refund.

What is the course ID for Pearson?

A course ID is a unique identifier created for every Mastering course. It contains the course creator’s last name and five digits. You cannot edit the auto-generated course ID. Students who enroll in a Mastering student course not paired with an LMS.

Can you do Learning Catalytics on phone?

Mobile Browser Requirements After you sign into your Mastering course on a computer at least once, you can use a smartphone or tablet to work on Mastering assignments, Dynamic Study Modules, or Learning Catalytics sessions.

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