Does increased physical damage affect minions?

With the exception of Support skill gems, Minion Damage is the only stat that actually increases the damage of your Minions. So, for example, Melee Physical Damage Support will increase the melee physical damage of your Minions, but increases in melee physical damage on items will not.

Does global physical damage apply to spells?

Global refers to a modifier that affects all damage sources, including Attacks, Spells, Damage over time and secondary damage.

Do global modifiers affect minions?

only mods which specifically state they affect minions work for them. the “global” just means it affects all types of damage you do, so it’s useful for melee, spells, or ailments.

What is physical damage in Poe?

Physical damage is one of the five damage types. It is the most common and the only one reduced by armour, rather than by a resistance. Most physical damage comes from weapon attacks, but some spells deal physical damage as well. Every 10 points of strength give a 2% bonus to physical damage from melee attacks.

Do headhunter buffs affect Minions?

Based on these 2 quotes i’d say NO, Headhunter won’t work on minions.

What language do Minions speak?

What kind of language do the Minions speak? The Minions speak Minionese, sometimes called “the Banana language”. Minionese is what’s known as a constructed language – or “conlang”.

Does Increased Cold Damage affect minions?

The cold damage in the passive tree is only for you. The only things in the tree that work on minions are nodes with allies or minion tags in the description. The increased cold damage doesn’t enhance hatred, both hatred and the node will enhance your damage.

Is Poison physical damage Poe?

Only physical and chaos damage are able to inflict poison.

How many stages does divine ire have?

Stages: 10 stacks for maximum width, 20 for maximum damage. Spells Cast by Totem have 40% less Cast SpeedThis is a Support Gem. It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it.

Does Infernal Legion stack?

If you want to use Infernal Legion to kill your minions, it does not matter how they are socketed, so you might as well save gem slots by having them all in the same item, but their Infernal Legion damage will not stack.

Can Minions crit?

Notes. Minions cannot normally deal critical hits, only by wearing a full set of Monk armor (16.7%) or Shinobi Infiltrator armor (25%) with any of the Lightning Aura sentry summons or by using a Morning Star (5%) or Kaleidoscope (10%) with any minion can crits be dealt at a fixed rate depending on which is used.

Do traps count as Minions Poe?

Totems, traps and mines are not counted as minions, they are remote skills.

Does increased physical damage affect spells Poe?

So if you spell does physical damage, yes you should up physical to get them. That said : spells don’t use your weapon damage, so the base base damage of a wand does nothing to spells. Only mods will up damage for spells. And there are no mods that increase physical damage for spells on weapons.

How many times does blade trap hit?

Weapon Stats: It uses weapon stats, however, it ignores attack speed. Hit Rate: Each rotation hits two times per rotation for a total of 8 hits by default or 10 while dual wielding. Enchantment can increase this by one for a total of 12 hits per trap.

What is mechanical damage in the body?

Mechanical trauma is an injury to any portion of the body from a blow, crush, cut, or penetrating wound. The complications of mechanical trauma are usually related to fracture, hemorrhage, and infection.

Is headhunter still a nemesis item?

Headhunter belt was a Nemesis League exclusive , but as of 3.14 Ultimatum League it can drop anywhere. Headhunter became such a phenomenon in the community, there are now a wide variety of ways to acquire this item, though all of them require either extreme amounts of time or luck, and in most cases both.

Does behead work on minions?

Yes it does. Even though the gem says it works with an attack with a weapon? It’s fine for minions so long as they have a melee “strike” skill to use, which Zombies do (their default attack).

Is headhunter a leather belt?

Headhunter is a unique Leather Belt. Due to its powerful effects and extremely low drop rate as a tier 0 unique, it is typically one of the most expensive items in each league, traded amongst players for several Divine Orbs.

Are there any girl Minions?

Now, as the “Despicable Me” spinoff movie “Minions” hits theaters, the filmmaker has spoken, and it’s official: all Minions are, in fact, male. Why make such a choice in a time when male-dominated children’s movies are so rare?

Are Minions immortal?

Writer Brian Lynch confirms that Minions are immortal No matter what amount of physical punishment they go through, it’s literally impossible for the adorable, yellow creatures to die.

Does global critical strike chance affect Minions?

My question is, does “increased global critical strike chance” from the passiv tree affect the critchance of my minion ? No, only minion stats affect minions (increased minion crit chance in this instance).

Where does Fleshcrafter drop?

Fleshcrafter can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.

What affects minion instability?

It is affected by your minion damage, and any bonuses to fire, elemental, or area damage your minions have.

Can Cobra lash crit?

yeah. So because Cobra Lash starts with a base +5 to chains, every time you hit an enemy it can crit a maximum of 6 times.

Does CI make you immune to poison?

CI makes you immune to chaos damage. It does not make you immune to poison (like the Shakari pantheon). Poison deals all chaos damage.

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