Has the EmDrive been debunked?

After failing critical thrust tests, the “impossible” engine has proven to be just that. The “impossible” EmDrive has failed international testing in three new papers. The idea was always far out, but that’s part of how science moves forward.

Would an EmDrive work?

Side stepping that Earth shattering possibility, the EM Drive, through rigorous peer review does indeed work. Not only does it work but because it doesn’t require fuel it’s lighter, cheaper, safer and far more efficient than current space rockets. It also doesn’t explode.

What is an electromagnetic drive?

The so-called EM drive – a rocket engine powered by electromagnetic waves – has been touted as a way to eliminate fuel required for deep space exploration. The idea is championed by inventor Roger Shawyer, whose EM drive uses microwaves trapped in a conical cavity to generate thrust.

What is the best propulsion system?

Antimatter also has the highest energy density of any known substance. And if used as fuel, it could provide by far the most efficient propulsion system, with up to 40% of the fuel’s mass energy being converted directly into thrust (compared with 1% for fusion, the next most efficient).

Is the Mach effect real?

James Woodward Mach Effect Gravity Assist (MEGA) drive propulsion is based on peer-reviewed, technically credible physics. Mach effects are transient variations in the rest masses of objects that simultaneously experience accelerations and internal energy changes.

Is a Reactionless drive possible?

The reactionless drive is supposed to be impossible. Until now it has been science fiction. While NASA has tried to measure thrust using their version of an electromagnetic engine even their device requires intricate measuring devices to reach conclusions as to whether it functions.

Is NASA building a warp drive?

According to Popular Mechanics, the NASA warp drive will expend a massive amount of energy that will “warp” (contract and twist) space time behind the spacecraft, which will create a space time “bubble.” This bubble, which will be created around the ship and curved behind it, will theoretically reduce the distance that …

Is warp drive possible?

“None of the physically conceivable warp drives can accelerate to speeds faster than light,” Bobrick says. That is because you would require matter capable of being ejected at speeds faster than light—but no known particles can travel that fast.

How fast is electromagnetic propulsion?

There is a 1–10 cm (0.39-3.93 inch) air gap between that eliminates friction, allowing for speeds up to 500 km/h (310 mph). An alternating electric current is supplied to the coils, which creates a change in polarity of the magnetic field.

Can magnets create propulsion?

A: Electromagnetic propulsion is a new kind of technology which uses a magnet’s natual ability to push another magnet away. When controlled, the magnet’s push can be used to propel another magnetic object. Maglev trains use this technology.

How fast can EmDrive go?

EmDrive: NASA Engineer Says Physics-defying Engine Could Go 99% the Speed of Light.

Can sound be used as propulsion?

No, you can’t. Here is why: When a loudspeaker is producing sound, it is pushing forward to produce the compression part of the wave in air, then it pulls backwards to produce the rarefaction part of the wave, then forward, then back, etc.

How does Alcubierre drive work?

Or at least it was science fiction until the world’s first warp bubble was accidentally discovered by DARPA funded researchers, according to the scientists report. It was discovered by the Limitless Space Institute (LS) team led by former NASA warp drive expert Dr. Harold G “Sonny” White.

Is Quantum drive possible?

Alcubierre’s warp drive would work by creating a bubble of flat spacetime around the spaceship and curving spacetime around that bubble to reduce distances. The warp drive would require either negative mass – a theorized type of matter – or a ring of negative energy density to work.

Can electricity create thrust in space?

Built upon the basis of quantized inertia, the IVO Quantum Drive is the world’s first, commercially viable and available, pure electric propulsion technology to achieve legitimacy via thermal vacuum testing.

Can antimatter be used for propulsion?

No. Electric power has a very low thrust. It would require an enormous amount of energy to lift, far beyond even the most concentrated engine today. The closest is the Electron Rocket, which uses batteries to run the turbopumps vs exhaust from the rocket that most systems today use.

Does interstellar space have gravity?

Antimatter power generation Antimatter annihilations are used to directly or indirectly heat a working fluid, as in a nuclear thermal rocket, but the fluid is used to generate electricity, which is then used to power some form of electric space propulsion system.

What is Mach Effect propulsion?

Here are the key points: There is still gravity in space. Astronauts feel weightless when both they and their spacecraft are accelerated only by gravity. To the astronauts, it feels just like there is no gravity.

What is a Reactionless engine?

The Mach-Effect thruster is a propellantless propulsion concept that has been in development by J.F. Woodward for more than two decades. It consists of a piezo stack that produces mass fluctuations, which in turn can lead to net time-averaged thrusts.

What is the fastest engine for space travel?

Reactionless propulsion, “support-less propulsion”, or “inertial propulsion” are all names of a technological concept of an engine that moves a spacecraft without using any external body to push from, and without jettisoning any of its parts.

Is warp drive Reactionless?

The fastest chemical rocket ever, the Star-48 engine was built to launch satellites and was recently incorporated into the New Horizons probe, which took off in 2006. Powered by burning a mixture of ammonium perchlorate and aluminum, it boosted the Pluto-bound probe to approximately 36,000 miles per hour.

What is inertial propulsion?

Although the warp motion itself is inertialess, the electromagnetic coupling between the nodes and ship is not, so the warp drive can best be described as reactionless, rather than inertialess.

Do you age at the speed of light?

An inertial propulsion unit converts centrifugal force to linear motion using two or more masses. The masses are connected to telescoping arms that rotate about a single axis. The rotating telescopic arms are guided along a closed path by a guide.

Is Elon Musk working on warp drive?

Is warp 1 the speed of light?

Changes to time and distance. Perhaps one of the most famous effects of special relativity is that for a human moving near the speed of light, time slows down. In this scenario, a person moving at near light speed would age more slowly. This effect is called time dilation.

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