How can I get 160 marks in NEET Chemistry?

  1. Use Right Books: The right reference material is your choice weapon.
  2. Important Concepts:
  3. Devise a Plan.
  4. Work Smart/Study Smart.
  5. Master The Pattern.
  6. Attempt Mock Tests.
  7. Revise Formulas and Structure of Molecules and Compounds.
  8. FAQs on NEET Chemistry.

How do you get 160 in NEET Chemistry Quora?

  1. Hello …
  4. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY: have all the formulas and concepts on your tips…
  5. Practice questions from study materials you follow..
  6. Solve the previous years questions of NEET AND AIIMS..

How can I improve my NEET Chemistry score?

  1. Make short notes for the last minute revision.
  2. Start intense revision as soon as you complete the NEET 2023 syllabus.
  3. Practice as many sample papers as you can.
  4. Practice last years question papers.

Can I score 150 in Chemistry NEET?

To score more than 150-160 in NEET Chemistry, you need to follow a right approach and strategy. For Biology, you have to read a lot of NCERT stuff including memorization, Physics is about understanding concepts and solving questions.

Is NEET Chemistry easy?

They think that Chemistry is a tough & vast subject, and Chemistry syllabus for medical exams is hard. But the reality is that Chemistry is a very scoring and easy subject. If you study with proper strategy and right study material, you can get good marks in NEET / AIIMS.

Is PYQ enough for NEET Chemistry?

Are 10-year PYQs sufficient for the NEET 2021? – Quora. Yes those are more than enough if you have joined any classes becoz they provide you with lots of paper with recent trend .

How is 180 NEET scored in chemistry?

❖ Do all text and intext questions which have additional information. ❖ Read Inorganic Chemistry from NCERT Only. ❖ Solve Previous Year Questions (2009 – 2019 ) ❖ Have a perfect revision plan for the next day with new topic. ❖ Use T = x + y ❖ Practice Mock Test ❖ Post Test analysis is very important.

How do you score 340+ biology in NEET 2022?

Scoring 340+ In NEET 2022 Biology – Topmost Tips In the last 2 months, revise NCERT books every day without fail for all sections. Practice from previous years’ papers/mock test/ sample papers. Maintain a different copy, answer your questions there.

How is neet scored in physical chemistry?

  1. Physical chemistry demands exhaustive practice.
  2. Maintain a book exclusively dedicated to formulae and revise from it every day.
  3. Stay aligned with the syllabus for Physical chemistry, avoid reading through extra information.

How can I study Chemistry for NEET in 10 days?

  1. Prep Tip# 1: Take stock of what is remaining.
  2. Prep Tip# 2: Get accustomed to the new pattern.
  3. Prep Tip# 3: Take fewer mock tests.
  4. Prep Tip# 4: Zero down your exam-taking strategy.
  5. Prep Tip# 5: Prepare a timetable.
  6. Prep Tip# 6: Focus on charts/diagrams/revision notes.

Which part of Chemistry should I study first?

At first, you should study physical chemistry… Because that builds your foundation of chemistry after which it will easier for you to comprehend inorganic as well as organic chemistry….

How can I score 150 Chemistry NEET in a month?

  1. Clear Your Concepts. One of the basic things on how to score 150+ in Physics and Chemistry in NEET is to clear your concepts.
  2. Important Topics.
  3. The Right Reference Books.
  4. Practice Regularly.
  5. Attempt Full Mock Tests.
  6. Solve Previous Year Papers.

Is 180 NEET Chemistry score easy?

It isn’t as difficult as physics, nor does it have a lot of theories like biology. Therefore, the chances to score are more in chemistry. Mainly, there are three branches of chemistry.

Can I qualify NEET with 180 marks?

With 180 marks you can easily qualify NEET examination and the criteria for admission in any private or government college is that you qualify the NEET exam. You can apply for 15% AIQ or state counseling once the counseling window opens.

Is NCERT enough for NEET bonding?

Yes NCERT IS sufficient for chemical bonding as questions in the NEER are mostly NCERT based and if you understand the concept of chemical bonding from the NCERT then you don’t face any difficulty in solving the NEET level problems. Just make sure that you understand the concepts properly.

How do you memorize NEET Chemistry?

Memorization is good as long as you are understanding the concepts deeper. Make a notebook of mistakes you make and revise it regularly. Use flash cards and Mnemonics to learn and remember difficult words, phrases and statements. Practicing and attempting new questions is very important in Chemistry.

How can I make my Chemistry stronger?

  1. Review and Study Material Before Going to Class.
  2. Seek Understanding.
  3. Take Good Notes.
  4. Practice Daily.
  5. Take Advantage of Lab Time.
  6. Use Flashcards.
  7. Use Study Groups.
  8. Break Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones.

Which is the toughest subject in NEET?

Difficulty level of NEET 2019 In 2019, NEET Physics was the most difficult section followed by Chemistry and Biology. As per NEET difficulty level analysis by Shailendra Maheshwari from Career Point, “Physics questions were equally divided in Class 11 and 12.

Do NEET questions repeat?

Answer. Hello Akshay, NEET is national level exam so there is no rule that they have to give fixed number of questions from previous years. Every year new pattern of questions were made so hardly 2 to 3 questions are repeated from previous year but it is not sure for every year.

Is NCERT fingertips enough for NEET?

This book is excellent for neet preparation. It have separate course of class 11 and 12 . In 11 course there is 22 chapters and in 12 course there is 16 chapters with HD pages and chapter wise summary . In each chapter there is 100 mcq , NCERT examples , Assertion and reasoning question and answer and 6 practice paper.

How can I study Chemistry for NEET without coaching?

  1. Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon.
  2. ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern.
  3. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.
  4. Dinesh Chemistry Guide.
  5. Practise books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic) and N Awasthi (Physical)

Who is best teacher of Chemistry on Youtube?

  • Mrityunjay Pandey – Gravity Circle.
  • Monica Bedi – Unacademy Class.
  • Vani Ma’am – Wold Of Chemistry.
  • Pahul Sir – Vedantu JEE.
  • Alakh Pandey – Physics Wallah.
  • Roshni Mukherjee – LearnoHub – Class 11, 12.

Which part of Chemistry has highest weightage in NEET?

  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure.
  • Chemical Thermodynamics.
  • Chemical Kinetics.
  • Alcohols and Ethers.
  • P Block Elements.
  • General Organic Chemistry.
  • Coordination Compounds.
  • S block elements: Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals and Hydrogen.

Where do I start NEET Chemistry?

Read the concepts of Physical Chemistry from NCERT, and then test the understanding by practising questions from MCQs and question banks. For Inorganic and organic chemistry, make formula charts as was done for Physics and memorize the formulas and name reactions on daily basis.

How do you get a 120 NEET in chemistry?

Follow standard books – NCERT mainly for concepts and question solving. Refer them regularly. Make notes and re-revise. Practice-solve 5 years question papers at least to get the question levels- patterns.

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