How do you ace HSC?

  1. Start writing your summary notes NOW!
  2. Use your school library as much as possible.
  3. Practise Papers.
  4. Studying in groups.
  5. Read the syllabus.
  6. Using your teachers effectively.
  7. Using numerous HSC resources.
  8. Try and avoid pulling all-nighters.

Is chemistry hard for HSC?

It’s well known that Chemistry is one of the hardest subjects in the HSC to really smash: the content is tricky, there’s a crazy amount of it and the expectations are high.

How do you ace in chemistry?

  1. Take responsibility for your learning. If you are confused, let your instructor know this. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  2. View chemistry class as an opportunity rather than a chore. Find something you like about chemistry and focus on that. Having a positive attitude can be a key to your success.

How can I improve my chemistry marks?

Follow certain tips to prepare well for chemistry. Know the topics of chemistry as per your class. Plan to learn chemistry on a daily basis from NCERT books. Revise your topics by solving sample papers, practice papers, and previously asked questions.

What subject is best for Atar?

Insights. A student with a subject combination of Maths and Science is awarded a higher ATAR than another student with the subject combination of humanities subjects.

What is the hardest HSC science?

Physics, which is seen as the most difficult science subject, has also experienced a fall in enrolments, especially among female students.

How do you get an A in chemistry?

  1. Tip 1: Know the history of Chemistry.
  2. Tip 2: Learn the Periodic Table using songs and mnemonics.
  3. Tip 3: The secret to success is using formulas!
  4. Tip 4: Know how to write Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI) and Extended Response Questions (ERQ)

Why is chemistry so hard?

The primary reason chemistry is so hard is because of the topic progression. You really have to fully understand several topics before you can fully understand other topics. It’s important to keep in mind, memorization isn’t the key here. There’s a certain element of memorization.

Why do I find chemistry so boring?

the reason behind chemistry being boring is lack of understanding of the subject.

Should I Memorise my essay for HSC?

A few weeks out from your exams you should stop memorising them and practice adapting your generic essay to different questions and stimulus material. If you practice adapting them you will become a lot better at making them feel less memorised and that way you can focus on actually answering the question.

How do I survive HSC?

  1. PICK A PLACE AND TIME. Find a study space that is comfortable for you and use it at whatever time of day you know is your most productive.
  2. STUDY EVERY DAY. Study subject over a number of days and weeks.

How can I get good HSC results?

  1. Plan your study effectively.
  2. Don’t Procrastinate! Space out your exam preparation throughout the term.
  3. Study for at least four hours a day.
  4. Take study breaks and have a weekly “no-study” night.

Is 12th chemistry easy?

Believe me, chemistry is one of the easiest subjects in the science stream provided you study it with full concentration and consistently. You must read chemistry regularly or you will fail to prepare it well for the board exam. NCERT is the most important book for the class 12 board exam preparation.

Which is the toughest chapter in Class 12 chemistry?

  • Electrochemistry.
  • Aldehydes ,Ketones and Carboxylic Acids.
  • Coordination Complexes.
  • P Block.
  • D&F block.

What is the best time to study chemistry?

Study chemistry when you are awake! We all tend to put off things that are difficult, but this means that you might end up studying chemistry at the very end of the day when you are already worn out and too tired to think well. And, if you never practice then it will never get easier!

Is 80 ATAR hard to get?

So even if your test scores are lower than you’d hoped, if you’re still ranked in the top 20% of students, then you’ll receive an ATAR of 80. As long as you try your best with what you have, chances are, you’ll do better than you expect.

What is the lowest ATAR possible?

The ATAR is a number from 0 and 99.95 in intervals of 0.05. The highest rank is 99.95, the next highest 99.90, and so on. The lowest automatically reported rank is 30.00, with ranks below 30.00 being reported as ‘less than 30’.

What is the hardest ATAR subject?

Talking points. Maths and science extension, chemistry and English as an additional language or dialect were the most difficult subjects in which to achieve band 6 in last year’s Higher School Certificate, while maths standard and music needed the lowest scaled marks, an analysis by Catholic Schools NSW has found.

Is Chem ATAR hard?

Chemistry is undoubtedly one of the most challenging subjects in the HSC, but that’s why we’re here to help you out with our top 5 HSC Chemistry study tips! It can be very easy for students to be intimidated by the challenge that it poses, as it is considered one of the hardest of the three science subjects.

What are the easiest ATAR subjects?

  • English.
  • Further Maths.
  • Psychology.
  • Math Methods.
  • Health and Human Development.

Is Bio Chem or Physics harder?

Physics is the hardest major; it is harder than chemistry, biology, psychology, computer science, astronomy, biochemistry, and geology. The level of math and the number of abstract concepts in physics is unparalleled.

How can I study chemistry in one day?

How do you study for chemistry in one night?

To cram the night before a test, only focus on the main ideas or formulas that will be on the test so you’re not wasting time on smaller, less-important details. Also, try to find summaries of any chapters you need to study, or just skim them and write down any key ideas.

How many people get an A * in A Level chemistry?

The proportion reaching the top grades has decreased, with 7.2 per cent getting an A*, down from 8.1 per cent last year, and 28.4 per cent getting an A or A*, down from 30.4 per cent in 2018. This year, 95.9 per cent passed the course, down from 96.5 per cent last year.

What to do if you are failing chemistry?

  1. Talk to Your Instructor. This should be the very first thing you do because nearly all of the options for minimizing the damage involve your teacher.
  2. Keep Doing Your Homework.
  3. Keep Attending Lectures and Labs.
  4. Take Notes.
  5. Get Someone Else’s Notes.
  6. Try a Different Text.
  7. Work Problems.
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