How do you say biology in French?

How do you say nursing student in French?

  1. volume_up. étudiante infirmière.
  2. volume_up. étudiant en soins infirmiers.

How do you say I study at university in French?

“j’étudie à l’université”

What is student in French feminine?

noun. l’étudiant masc ⧫ l’étudiante fem.

How do u say PE in French?

How do you say algebra in French?

How do you say I am a university student in French?

je suis un étudiant universitaire.

How do you say in French I am a student?

Je suis un étudiant.

What do we say I am a student in French?

Basically, you would say “Je suis étudiant(e)”, but you would say “Je suis un(e) étudiant(e) actif(-ve)”.

How do you write study in another language?

  1. American English: study /ˈstʌdi/
  2. Arabic: يَدْرُسُ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: estudar.
  4. Chinese: 学习
  5. Croatian: učiti.
  6. Czech: studovat.
  7. Danish: studere.
  8. Dutch: studeren.

What is French for to study?

Étudier (“to learn or study”) is a regular French -er verb, which means it belongs to the largest group of verbs in the French language.

Is University feminine in French?

79 Comments. This discussion is locked. If you typed une université français, you would be wrong, as the word ‘université’ is feminine, so you add the feminine ‘e’ on the end of française. But if it was masculine, then you would be allowed to write français, as there is no feminine ‘e’ on the end.

What is étudiant in French?

student; pupil; schoolboy; schoolgirl.

How do we say male student in French?

male student noun [example] étudiant m [ex.]

What is a French teacher called?

The most common word for teacher in French is professeur, which does not translate directly to ‘professor’ in English. In French, a professeur can teach at an elementary school or at a university.

How do you write art in French?

art → art, enseignement du dessin, leçon de dessin.

What is physical education like in France?

In France, Physical Education (PE) is compulsory from the first year of primary school to the final year of secondary school. In primary schools, a mandatory 3 hours per week is taught, which is reduced to 2 hours per week in secondary schools. Optional additional hours are often offered.

What is EPS in French?

feminine noun. (= éducation physique et sportive) PE (= physical education)

What is French math?

For anyone who is wondering, the French word for maths is mathématiques.

How do you add and subtract in French?

Additions and subtractions We use plus (plus) and moins (minus), and then égal (equal). Note that in French we usually use the adjective égal (which refers to the mathematical sign =) in these phrases. You can also use the verb égaler (to equal) or even faire: Deux plus deux égale quatre.

How do you introduce yourself in French?

How do you say I am in French?

How do you say I am a female student in French?

Summary. The French translation for “a student (female)” is une étudiante.

How do you introduce yourself in 5 lines in French?

  1. Je m’appelle… – I am
  2. Je suis… – I am
  3. Mon nom est – My name is
  4. Moi c’est – I am
  5. Mon prénom est
  6. Je m’appelle (name), mais je me fais appeler (name) – My name is (name), but I prefer to be called (name)
  7. Je me présente – I’d like to introduce myself.

How do you say education in different languages?

  1. American English: education /ɛdʒʊˈkeɪʃən/
  2. Arabic: تَعْلِيم
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: educação.
  4. Chinese: 教育
  5. Croatian: školovanje.
  6. Czech: vzdělání
  7. Danish: uddannelse.
  8. Dutch: onderwijs.
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