How important is physical therapy after meniscus surgery?

Both home and supervised exercise were superior to not doing any exercise after surgery. However, those who receive outpatient physical therapy showed better improvements in knee range of motion and function. For the best results, both home and in-person physical therapy exercises should be done.

How soon should I start physical therapy after meniscus surgery?

Approximately 4 weeks after surgery, patients typically begin to perform higher level activities during physical therapy visits. With your physical therapist’s guidance at 4 to 6 weeks, you will begin the gradual transition back to your sport.

Does meniscus surgery require physical therapy?

Surgically removing the torn cartilage (a procedure called a meniscectomy) usually is a simple procedure that requires a course of physical therapy treatment following surgery. Many people are able to return to their previous level of activity, including sports, after approximately 4 months of treatment.

What exercises should I do after torn meniscus surgery?

  • Quadriceps setting.
  • Mini-squats.
  • Straight leg raise.
  • Hamstring heel digs.
  • Leg extensions.
  • Standing heel raises.
  • Clams.
  • Hamstring curls.

Can physical therapy make a meniscus tear worse?

Physical Therapy vs Surgery for Knee Meniscus Tear In fact, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that physical therapy can be just as effective. Physical therapy for meniscal tears shows similar rates of functional improvement and pain scores as compared with meniscal surgery.

What is the fastest way to recover from meniscus surgery?

You will recover more quickly if you carefully follow all your doctor’s instructions. In your first days after surgery, you will need apply ice frequently and elevate your knee above your heart to help relieve swelling. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, to help your body heal.

What happens if you don’t do PT after knee surgery?

Neglecting physical therapy after knee surgery may result in complications including: Decreased range of motion. Atrophy of the supporting muscles. A slowing of the healing process due to the decreased blood flow that may result from a lack of movement.

Is walking good after meniscus surgery?

Most people can walk with crutches soon after meniscus surgery. Many return to normal activities within six to eight weeks. Your healthcare provider may recommend low-impact activities rather than high-impact (such as walking rather than running). If you have a physical job, you may need extra time off work to recover.

How long until I can bend my knee after meniscus surgery?

Meniscus (cartilage) Repair patients cannot do twisting, pivoting, squatting, deep knee bends or impact activities for four months. It is vital that meniscus repair patients do not squat for at least four months after the repair.

How long is rehab for meniscus?

Recovery will take about 6 to 8 weeks if your meniscus tear is treated conservatively, without surgery. The time varies, depending on: the type and severity of the tear.

How long is physical therapy for a torn meniscus?

As part of a conservative treatment, you’ll probably try PT for around 4 to 6 weeks, on a regular schedule. Also, you must regularly exercise at home the way you are taught. If it doesn’t work, then it may be time for surgery.

Can you overdo it after meniscus surgery?

The goal is to not be overly active. If the knee is not tremendously painful, walking can occur without crutches; however, do not overdo it in the first two to three days after surgery since this could result in more swelling than is necessary.

Can I climb stairs after meniscus surgery?

Avoid activities that cause pain or swelling to the knee. Examples include climbing stairs or standing or sitting for long periods. Begin other activities as advised by your doctor.

How long after meniscus surgery can I drive?

Total recovery time for an ACL reconstruction with meniscus repair is 12-16 weeks, and it varies with each individual. Patients may drive after pain medication, but when the right knee is affected, the patient must wait for 4-6 weeks before resuming driving.

Is bike riding good for meniscus tear?

Riding a stationary bike may be an important component of your knee meniscus tear exercise program. Bike riding can have many benefits, including: It can improve your knee range of motion. It can improve muscular endurance in your legs.

What are the long term effects of meniscus surgery?

The long-term side effect of meniscus surgery is that meniscectomies can worsen knee joint instability by negatively influencing other supporting knee structures by increasing contact stress on the cartilage.

Does massage help a torn meniscus?

What will treatment consist of for a Meniscal Tear? Massage – Encompassing a variety of techniques with sufficient pressure through the superficial tissue to reach the deep lying structures. It is used to increase blood flow, decrease swelling, reduce muscle spasm and promote normal tissue repair.

Do anti inflammatories help torn meniscus?

Pain Relief Medications Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen can help to reduce inflammation and pain caused by a meniscus tear.

Will my knee be the same after meniscus surgery?

Most meniscal surgeries (95%) are partial meniscectomies where part of the meniscus is actually removed, not just repaired. Therefore, the remaining meniscus is now smaller and does not perform as well.

Why does my knee hurt so much after meniscus surgery?

That’s where – because a portion of the meniscus has been removed, the bones around the knee joint “see” more stress when you walk and they react by becoming very inflamed and can actually at it’s worse, cause a stress fracture which is quite painful.

What is the success rate of meniscus repair?

Success rates after meniscal repair range from 60% to 95%, but many reports are based on a small number of patients.

What happens if I don’t go to physical therapy?

Slower Recovery: Missing a physical therapy session will ultimately increase the time you will have to spend in recovery. The reason for this is because the exercises and activities that you will be engaging in a treatment session are designed to help you regain total movement ability.

What is the best therapy after knee surgery?

In most cases, a physical therapist will recommend straight leg raises, calf raises, and lower extremity stretches to help strengthen the muscles around the knee. They may also recommend exercises that specifically target the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips as well.

How long should you do physical therapy after knee surgery?

While the average length of physical therapy for knee replacement is four to eight weeks, the duration of your therapy could be shorter or longer. It’s also important to remember that many patients do not feel completely healed and mobilized when therapy comes to an end.

How do I know if my meniscus repair failed?

Therefore, the only practical way of finding out whether or not a meniscal repair has healed is to gentle test the knee out by slowly returning to normal activities and sports after the 3-month post-op mark.

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