How long does it take to receive tickets from Ticketmaster?

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Get your tickets within 10-14 business days. Tickets are printed within 7 days of purchase and shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Once printed, we will email to let you know they are on their way.

Can you print mobile tickets from Ticketmaster?

They will not be available to print from your online account, nor can they be emailed to you. Upon arrival to your event, locate your tickets in your Ticketmaster app or the mobile website. You’ll show your ticket to the ticket scanner, your barcode is scanned – and you’re in!

Can I use a screenshot of my Ticketmaster ticket?

Skip the hassle of a meeting spot and visit Ticketmaster today to send tickets to everyone in just a few taps. Can I use a screenshot of my mobile ticket to enter? Your barcode includes technology to protect it, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or print outs.

Does Ticketmaster have physical locations?

After they merged with livenation, they don’t do physical retail besides the actual venue, and even that will be limited on the packages provided, depending on the show.

Where Are My Ticketmaster tickets on my phone?

  • Open web browser app and go to
  • Tap the menu icon on the top left of your screen and click “My Tickets.”
  • Sign in and tap on your order.
  • Click the “View Tickets” button to access your tickets.
  • Present barcode to get scanned for entry and you’re in!

How do I access my Ticketmaster tickets?

Tickets bought online at will automatically appear in your account. Click “My Account” at the top right of any page on our site and sign in to view the tickets under “View All Orders.” You can confirm your purchase along with delivery status, seat locations, total charges, and more!

Do you need to print out your eTicket?

It is a travel document purchased on websites, mobile applications. There is no need to print tickets thanks to e-tickets. In other words, e-ticket or online flight tickets have replaced the print ones. Passengers and airline company makes a contract through e-tickets.

Why don t My Ticketmaster tickets have a barcode?

If the barcodes aren’t available yet, there should be a message in your account to give you some more information. If it says “Your tickets aren’t quite ready yet”, this means they’ll be available in your account around 5 days before your event. It’s nothing to worry about, just an added security feature.

How do I save a mobile ticket as a PDF?

  1. Find the original confirmation email when you purchased your ticket and open the PDF attachment.
  2. Hit the download button in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. From Tixel’s PDF upload page, click Upload PDF. Your ticket will be the first attachment in recent files.

Do QR codes work if you screenshot them?

Yes you can. Please make sure the QR code is clear so our partner can scan it. We can’t be held responsible if an unclear picture or screenshot prevents you from redeeming the code.

Can a barcode be scanned from a screenshot?

There are many scanning applications, but not all of these applications can scan screenshots with QR codes. Barcode Scanner is one of the few apps that can scan QR codes from screenshots.

Do Ticketmaster tickets have barcodes?

Once you’ve purchased your mobile tickets on Ticketmaster, you can always rest assured you’re getting the seats you paid for. The barcode on your mobile ticket includes technology to protect it, which means screenshots or printouts of your ticket will not be scannable.

Can you still buy tickets at a box office?

The Box Office is currently closed to the public and will continue to be closed even on Game/Events Days. All ticket purchases must be done through and will only be delivered electronically. There are no refunds or exchanges on any ticket purchased for a Ball Arena concert, game or event.

What does admit one mean on Ticketmaster?

Buy tickets sold by your team and fans like you, all in one spot on Ticketmaster. Read More. There are currently no events for Admit One.

Will a screenshot of a QR code work for Ticketmaster?

No. Your mobile ticket includes leading-edge technology with fraud protection, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or print-outs.

Is Ticketmaster better on phone or computer?

This makes sense, since Ticket Broker Software, aka “bots,” don’t work with a mobile device, so this is one way to reduce the resale of tickets. Buying Ticketmaster tickets on the app is the fastest way to buy tickets online.

What are Ticketmaster smart tickets?

  • 100% Secure & 100% Yours.
  • Text or Email Your Tickets.
  • Sell in Two Taps.

Why won’t Ticketmaster let me sell my tickets?

Not all events or tickets are available for Fan-to-Fan Resale. If you don’t see a Sell Tickets button or it’s grayed out, selling your tickets through Ticketmaster is not available. In order to resell your tickets for events in the US, you must have a US bank account.

How do I know Ticketmaster tickets are real?

How do I check if my tickets are valid or authentic? We can’t verify tickets bought from a 3rd party. The only way to know your tickets are authentic, is to buy Ticketmaster “Verified Tickets” directly from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or get them at the venue box office. These tickets will always be 100% authentic.

Is it legal to resell Ticketmaster tickets?

SACRAMENTO – A bill introduced by Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) to prevent ticket scalpers from purchasing large quantities of tickets and reselling them at inflated prices, sometimes up to thirty times the ticket’s face value, has been signed into law.

Can I show my e-ticket on my phone?

When required, you can either show the PDF tickets on your phone or show a printed copy (or both if you prefer). If you are an iOS or Android user, we would recommend that you use our app as a ticket wallet for your e-tickets – this will keep them safe and easily accessible when you need them.

Can e-tickets be scanned from phone?

Yes, That’s possible. Please do make sure your screen is scratch free. PDF tickets (directly from your e-mail or saved on your mobile) as well as your tickets via the Ticketmaster app can be scanned from your mobile device.

How long does it take for Ticketmaster to email tickets?

Our goal is to have your tickets in your mailbox 10-14 business days after purchase. Tickets are printed within 7 days of purchase and shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Once printed, we will email to let you know they are on their way. Tickets should arrive no later than 7 business days after they’ve been printed.

Can I screenshot tickets in my Apple Wallet?

Fortunately, if you click “View Barcode” or Transfer the ticket to your wallet, my experience is that you can just take a screenshot, message your friend the barcode, and the code works fine.

Do Ticketmaster tickets have a barcode in Apple Wallet?

Barcodes are no longer displayed when tickets are added to your wallet. You can access your tickets from the Ticketmaster App or by going to on your mobile browser if you are experiencing issues adding tickets to a digital wallet.

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