How much does AMC Stubs A-list cost?

An AMC Stubs A-List membership lets you see up to three movies a week for one monthly cost. With prices starting at $19.95 a month, A-Listers can make free online reservations anytime for up to three movies in any format, including IMAX and Dolby Cinema — with no blackout dates.

What is the difference between AMC a-list and premiere?

Premiere Members can use their $5 reward towards tickets and eligible food and beverage items. A-List Members can use their $5 reward towards box office, tickets not included as part of the monthly membership, and eligible food and beverage items.

What do you get with AMC a-list?

With AMC Stubs A-List, it’s easy to make FREE online reservations anytime for up to 3 movies every week. Choose any format, including IMAX® and Dolby Cinema. There are no blackout dates. You could have a triple feature in one day, or watch movies throughout the week.

What is the difference between AMC Stubs insider and Premier?

Insider members earn 20 points for every $1 spent. Premiere & A-List members earn 5x times faster, 100 points for every $1 spent on tickets, concessions, and other eligible purchases. AMC Stubs members can activate $5 in rewards for every 5000 points earned.

Can multiple people use AMC a list?

Can I reserve a ticket for someone else? AMC Stubs A-List is for one person only – the account holder. To protect your account benefits, we will require a valid photo ID along with your A-List ticket for admittance to the theatre.

Is AMC stub free?

It’s FREE to get started on movie perks like Discount Tuesdays, and earn points toward a $5 reward for every $1 spent.

How much is AMC plus on Amazon Prime?

Get AMC+ for $0.99 Per Month for Two Months on Amazon Prime Video Channels, Plus Video Deals for Prime Members.

How many points is AMC popcorn?

Earn 20 points for every $1 spent at the box office and concession stand. The basic benefits include a complimentary popcorn refill every visit, savings on tickets every Tuesday and a $5 reward every time you reach 5,000 points, plus complimentary member Wi-Fi, exclusive offers and invitations to special screenings..

Do you get free movies with AMC a list Reddit?

Not for free. And a list is 10000% worth it. You can only use tickets for yourself, and 1 at a time, as obviously there’s just 1 of you. Great value though if you go to the movies more than twice a month.

How many movies can I watch with AMC a list?

And that’s where a theater subscription service like AMC Stubs A-List can come in handy. A-List lets you see up to three movies a week for one monthly cost.

How do I avoid AMC convenience fee?

Convenience fees cannot be refunded, but you can avoid paying convenience fees by joining AMC Stubs: AMC Stubs A-List and Premiere members never pay ticketing fees on our site, our app or our partner sites, and fees are waived for Insiders who buy 4+ tickets. Was this information helpful?

How do I get my popcorn free birthday at AMC?

Enjoy free large popcorn for your birthday when you sign up for AMC Stubs by AMC Theatres. For your birthday, take advantage of free large popcorn at participating AMC Theatres locations.

How do I get an AMC premiere?

You can access AMC Premiere and regular AMC content on: AMC apps for iOS and Android devices. AMC apps for TV streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, Xbox One, Android TV, Chromecast) AMC’s website in any web browser.

What movies are excluded from AMC a-list?

Films that are eligible for the A-List benefit are standard 2D digital films as well as films in IMAX®, Dolby Cinema®, PRIME, RealD® 3D, BigD® and D-Box. IMAX VR® and special events are not eligible and are excluded from the A-List program.

Can I use AMC a-list on Fandango?

AMC Stubs A-List members can now reserve tickets through Fandango and Atom Tickets. Subscribers to the VIP tier of AMC Theatres’ loyalty program can enter their A-List membership number during checkout on the advance ticketing services and apply the ticket to one of their three movies per week.

Can I use AMC Stubs on Fandango?

“Expanding the online ticketing availability of AMC Stubs A-List to include our great partners at Fandango and Atom Tickets is keeping with our mission of providing our loyal guests with as much convenience and flexibility as possible.”

What does AMC stand for?

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (d/b/a AMC Theatres, originally an abbreviation for American Multi-Cinema; often referred to simply as AMC and known in some countries as AMC Cinemas or AMC Multi-Cinemas) is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, and the largest movie theater chain in the …

How much is AMC military discount?

Save up to 40% on movie tickets & refreshments Veterans Advantage members enrolled in VetRewards are eligible for special discounted offers on movie tickets, popcorn, snacks and drinks at AMC Theatres.

How do I get AMC+ for free?

  1. Visit Amazon Prime Video’s website.
  2. Click “Start your 30-day free trial”
  3. Enter your information and payment method, and create an account.
  4. Visit Amazon Prime Video’s AMC Plus page and start your free trial.
  5. Start watching with Amazon Prime Video’s AMC Plus free trial.

Is AMC free on Hulu?

Watch AMC Network Online | Hulu (Free Trial) New subscribers only. *The price of Hulu (Ad-Supported) will increase to $7.99/month.

Is AMC free on Roku?

You must cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges. Subscription is pre-paid and auto-renews monthly for $8.99/month until canceled. Charges are non-refundable. Click “Learn more” for full terms.

What does Real D mean?

The RealD 3D format is natively digital. This means that movies have to be produced in a digital 3D format for projection on film-less digital projectors. RealD cinemas also use the passive circular polarizing technique to achieve 3D which allows viewers a clear image even when turning or tilting their heads.

How many cups is a large popcorn at AMC?

A large ranges from 44 ounces (5 1/2 cups) at Cinemark or AMC to 54 ounces (nearly 7 cups) at Regal for an extra 400 to 500 calories and 26 to 33 teaspoons of sugar.

Which AMC Stubs tiers come with free upgrades on popcorns and drinks?

AMC Stubs A-List and AMC Stubs Premiere Members will receive free upgrades on fountain drinks and popcorn (regular to large).

What is AMC plus Reddit?

AMC PLUS Includes the Best of AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, Shudder, Sundance Now and IFC Now. FREE TRIAL only available on Certain Subscriptions, such as YouTube TV, Prime Video, Roku, Apple and a few others. Check with your Provider to see if you can get AMC PLUS!

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