How To Get Economy Scanner?

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Are you tired of endlessly searching for the best deals on trade items and commodities in No Man’s Sky? Look no further, as we have the solution for you: The Economy Scanner.

This handy tool allows players to scan their surroundings for lucrative trading opportunities, allowing them to maximize their profits with ease. But how exactly can one obtain such a valuable item?

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” -Brian Herbert

Luckily, acquiring an Economy Scanner isn’t too difficult. It can usually be obtained through purchasing it from various Space Station vendors or blueprint analyzers found on planets. However, certain requirements must be met in order for the option to become available.

In this post, we will go over all the steps needed to obtain an Economy Scanner, including what resources you may need and where to find them. So sit back, grab your notepad and get ready to boost your economy like never before!

Upgrade Your Ship

If you want to explore the galaxy in Elite Dangerous, you need to upgrade your ship. There are plenty of ways to do this but three things that should be at the top of your list are upgrading your engines, installing new weapons, and enhancing your shielding.

Upgrade Your Engines

The first thing you need to do is upgrade your engines. This will give your ship more speed and maneuverability, which is crucial when exploring unknown territories. Some of the best options for engine upgrades include:

  • FSD Drive: The Frame Shift Drive is what allows you to travel long distances quickly by making use of hyperspace jumps.
  • Thrusters: These can increase your boost speed and make it easier to evade enemy fire or get away from them altogether.
  • Distributor: Distributors help manage your ships energy more effectively, allowing for greater power to systems like shields, scanners, and weapons.
“When you’re traveling through hyperspace, it’s always good to have a solid FSD drive at your disposal.” – Commander Jameson

Install New Weapons

Next up, you need to install some new weapons on your ship. You don’t necessarily need to go overboard with firepower—just enough to handle any threats you might encounter. Here are some weapon upgrades to consider:

  • Laser Cannons: These are efficient all-purpose offensive weapons that work well against most targets.
  • Missile Launchers: Good for taking out larger craft like freighters, liners, or other medium-sized sports ships.. Although they come with less ammo total and slower reloads.
  • Multicannons: Make an excellent complementary weapon to lasers, as they chew through shields fast and are decent at getting the last bits of hull health off your target.
“No ship is invincible. The key is making sure you have enough firepower to take out any hostiles you encounter.” – Asp Explorer Ace

Enhance Your Shielding

The final piece of upgrading your ship comes down to how well protected it is. You need shielding that can withstand enemy fire long enough for you to make a successful escape or defeat your enemies outright. Here are some recommendations:

  • Shield Boosters: A simple trick to boost your shield strength through additional shielding modules..
  • Reinforced Hull Plating: Increase your ships overall resistance to damage dealt by enemy weapons with increased armor layers.
  • Shield Cell Banks: For something that can help get you out of hot water when things go sour with near instantaneously replenished shields,
“It’s not always about being the fastest or having the most advanced weaponry. Sometimes, it’s all about having great endurance and survivability when up against dangerous forces in space.” – Commander Taranis
In conclusion, upgrade your ship properly to ensure complete dominance over the unknown territories in Elite Dangerous. So take these tips on board and explore what lies beyond our world!

Visit Space Stations

If you’re looking to get your hands on an economy scanner, one of the best places to check out is a space station. These massive structures travel through the vastness of space and offer all sorts of services for interstellar travelers.

Restock Your Supplies

One of the most important things to note about space stations is that they offer a wide variety of supplies that can help you to survive in the harsh conditions of space. Whether you need food, water, or medical supplies, you’ll be able to find what you need here.

You should also take the time to speak with some of the vendors around the space station. In many cases, these individuals will have useful information about where to locate items like economy scanners if they’re not readily available within the station itself.

Repair Your Ship

Another essential service offered by space stations is ship repair. While it’s always better to keep your vessel in good condition so you don’t need repairs frequently, accidents do happen when traveling across the uncharted reaches of space. Visiting a station to get repairs can save you a lot of time, energy, and resources compared to trying to fix everything yourself.

The best part about using a space station for repairs is that you know the job will be done right. Space stations house some of the brightest minds in the galaxy and their experience with ships and mechanics is unmatched.

Take on New Missions

A lesser-known fact about space stations is that they often feature job boards where travelers can sign up for missions. Completing these tasks usually results in various rewards such as credits, supplies, and even rare items like an economy scanner.

Before committing to any mission, make sure to read over the details thoroughly so you know what to expect. Some missions can be quite dangerous, especially for beginners, and can result in the loss of your ship or even your life.

“The space station is an island of safety and order amidst the chaos of the galaxy.” -Unknown

Explore Planets & Gather Resources

The Economy Scanner is a valuable piece of technology that allows players to find rare resources and minerals on planets. To get the Economy Scanner, you need to first unlock it by progressing through the game and completing specific missions.

To use the scanner effectively, you’ll need to be adept at exploring different planets and gathering resources. There are many methods you can use to explore new planets, such as teleporting between star systems and using your spaceship’s pulse drive to reach different locations quickly.

Scan for Minerals

The Economy Scanner works by scanning nearby mineral deposits on the planet’s surface. Once you’ve installed the scanner on your ship, activate it by opening your inventory and navigating to the Technology tab. From here, select the scanner and press the associated button to activate it.

As you fly around the planet’s surface, look out for icons on the scanner display that indicate where mineral deposits are located. These will range from basic elements like carbon and sodium to more valuable resources like copper and gold.

“The key to success in No Man’s Sky is exploration.” -Sean Murray

Collect Rare Elements

Once you’ve found a mineral deposit using the scanner, land your ship near it and disembark. Use your mining tool to extract the minerals from the deposit and store them in your inventory. Some minerals may require special tools or techniques to extract, so remember to experiment with different approaches.

Rare elements like gold, silver, and platinum are particularly valuable because they can be sold for large amounts of units, the in-game currency. Keep an eye out for these elements when scanning for mineral deposits.

“In No Man’s Sky, it’s about making discoveries, it’s not scripted. There is no orchestrated story.” -Gareth Bourn, composer of No Man’s Sky

Exploring planets and gathering resources is a key part of the gameplay in No Man’s Sky. By using your Economy Scanner effectively, you can quickly locate rare minerals and elements to help boost your progress through the game.

Remember to always explore new areas and experiment with different techniques to find the most valuable resources on each planet you visit!

Complete Missions & Quests

In order to get the Economy Scanner in No Man’s Sky, players must complete missions and quests. These tasks are found across different star systems and planets. When participating in missions, keep in mind that each one gives rewards upon completion, so it is a great way to gain resources while working towards getting your scanner.

One type of mission players can embark on to obtain the economy scanner includes delivering cargo. In these assignments, players must transport specific items from their current location to a specified destination within a time limit. Completing the mission will reward you with some valuable units and also increase your standing with whoever commissioned the task.

Another quest that might come up as an option for obtaining the Economy Scanner is to retrieve lost artifacts. To do this, players may have to travel to remote locations or fend off dangerous enemies. This undertaking not only helps you discover new things about the game but also leads you closer to gaining the object that you want.

A third mission type available involves protecting allied ships. During these types of missions, players will work alongside allies against waves of enemy attacks. You will be tasked with keeping them safe until their goal is achieved. Once completed successfully, you will receive valuable rewards such as upgraded equipment along with the increased respect of your peers.

Last but not least, depending on which factions you choose to align yourself with, there may be assassination missions available. Assassinating targeted enemies can result in rare item drops, money bonuses, and upgrades that increase overall enjoyment of the game experience.

Deliver Cargo

As mentioned earlier, completing a delivery mission is a great way to earn units and potentially acquire the economy scanner for your ship. When accepting this assignment, make sure to review any given instructions very thoroughly before setting off to begin. These tasks require more than just flying in one direction and dropping off cargo, they may also include picking up other items or fending of hostile ships that are keen on intercepting your progress.

In order to optimize the delivery process, one must have access to trading posts and space stations scattered throughout various systems. When docking, pay close attention to see if merchants sell valuable commodities in high demand within the economy at that time. The prices for these goods fluctuate depending on scarcity and can be sold for higher profits when scarcer.

Retrieve Lost Artifacts

If you love a good adventure, retrieving lost artifacts is an excellent mission option to select towards earning your economy scanner. Some locations permit ship landing while others players will have to travel by foot to grab their reward. During these tasks, keep an eye out for hostile creatures that might shroud difficult-to-find treasures. Players should remember to bring a weapon strong enough to protect themselves from any dangerous entities encountered on their travels.

The best method for locating lost artifacts is using the analysis visor installed in your Multi-Tool. This features advanced scanning technology designed to detect particular elements unique to interesting discoveries. Selecting this feature showcases colored icons representing every found point of interest within range. By following those markings, it’ll lead explorers closer and closer until it’s finally retrieved.

Protect Allied Ships

To embark on a missions where allied ships need guarding requires courage and strategy. Enemies come in droves attempting to destroy your friends’ vessel that each player has been tasked with keeping safe. Additionally, safeguarding allied ships located in nightmarish scenarios make your task additionally challenging but can yield some great bonuses upon completion such as upgraded equipment.

It’s recommended that before undertaking these types of objectives all involved parties have properly upgraded their starship, exosuits, and weapons. This will make the process smoother as enemies become tougher over time. Players should also take great care to communicate frequently with each other about emerging threats for optimal cohesion during intense battles.

Assassinate Targeted Enemies

During assassination missions players must quietly infiltrate enemy territory, or sometimes they’re tasked with engaging in direct combat against a high-value target. Successfully eliminating them rewards players with rare item drops, additional currency, and can even unlock a secret exclusive base hidden away somewhere within the system.

Before heading into an assassination mission it’s important you have well-equipped ships, prepared weaponry and adequate protection on your personal exosuit,. Being extra cautious when redeeming one of these tasks is important seeing as if you’re not appropriately set up can lead to defeat because of the game’s punishing difficulty level. Once everything is properly taken care of you’ll have chances at earning unique loot and progressing further on your way towards obtaining an economy scanner.

Trade With Other Players

Buy and Sell Resources

If you’re looking to obtain an Economy Scanner as quickly as possible, trading with other players might be your best bet. One way to do this is by buying or selling resources that other players are in need of.

You can sell the items you’ve mined, such as gold or copper, but don’t forget that you’ll also need some of these materials for crafting upgrades and expanding your base. Therefore, make sure to stay on top of what ingredients you may still need while thinking about which ones you could trade. Specialization will inevitably happen, so make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’d like to upgrade next.

Exchange Ship Upgrades

If you already own an Economy Scanner, you may want to consider exchanging your extra ship upgrades with others players who have one. While not necessarily easy, finding someone willing and able to exchange their scanner for another beneficial accessory is sometimes more plausible than immediately locating an elusive blueprint to track down all the resources and parts for.

The functionality varies from vendor to vendor, and it is sometimes better to find an upgraded device before coupling it with a specific part—hothousing occurs often due to the vast distances between systems. Building a good barter relationship with somebody now will save countless hours later on.

Negotiate Alliances

An economy scanner isn’t too helpful if there’s nobody around to utilize it, and without any communication amongst inhabitants within your sector, entire resource caches may remain undiscovered—that’s where joining up with allied forces comes into play. Communicating and working together with other players ensures discovery of new locations, strategies of exploration, and how everyone can then benefit most from established routes throughout different planets. This puts you ahead of the competition and could potentially acquire a scanner at an accelerated pace.

Note that your allies may have to be willing to share valuable information with you if they’ve already obtained this advantageous accessory, or even expedite its procurement as part of their list of priorities. Be sure to discuss any trade possibilities ahead of time so both parties can agree on how to proceed.

“The markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux, and money is make by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected.” – George Soros

Final Thoughts

Whatever approach you choose, obtaining an Economy Scanner often ends up being a cooperative effort between multiple players—to succeed, it’s essential to establish communication and connections early while staying organized through clear planning and delegation among teams.

Once acquired, using this tool will allow for endless amount of opportunities and growth. Trading resources, upgrades, and negotiating alliances could save unprecedented amounts of grinding for necessary components all the while enjoying the game’s main focal points—such as being lost out into unknown territories without ever risking losing one’s way home again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain an Economy Scanner in No Man’s Sky?

The Economy Scanner can be obtained by purchasing it from the Blueprint Analyser for Salvaged Data. Alternatively, it can be found in Manufacturing Facilities or Operations Centers.

What are the requirements for building an Economy Scanner in No Man’s Sky?

To build an Economy Scanner, you must first obtain the blueprint from the Blueprint Analyser. You will also need 1 Wiring Loom, 1 Microprocessor, and 1 Navigation Data.

Is it possible to purchase an Economy Scanner from a vendor in No Man’s Sky?

No, the Economy Scanner cannot be purchased from a vendor. It must be obtained through crafting or finding it in a Manufacturing Facility or Operations Center.

Can I trade with other players for an Economy Scanner in No Man’s Sky?

Yes, players can trade with each other for an Economy Scanner. However, it is important to note that each player must have the blueprint to be able to craft it.

Are there any alternative ways to acquire an Economy Scanner in No Man’s Sky?

Aside from crafting or finding it in a Manufacturing Facility or Operations Center, there are no other ways to obtain an Economy Scanner in No Man’s Sky. It is a necessary component for upgrading your starship’s scanner and navigating the galaxy.

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