Is 1 11s father Stranger Things?

Dr Brenner isn’t actually Eleven’s father and ‘Papa’ is simply the name he is known to her by. It seems to be Brenner’s way of making himself appear more friendly to her and the other subjects.

Is vecna the father of Eleven?

Eleven may not have created the Upside Down, but she did direct its fire. Stranger Things 4 left fans with some enormous revelations. The monstrous Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) is eventually revealed to be One, a person with the same potential for untold supernatural abilities as Eleven.

Is Papa the Eleven daughter?

In a fit of rage, Henry used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects, and attempted to do the same to Eleven. However, Eleven stood her ground and ultimately overpowered him, sending him through a gate to the Upside Down; there, he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna.

Did 11 create the upside down?

While there, his skin is torn off and he becomes part of the sinister agenda of the Mind-Flayer. So, Vecna is actually ‘Experiment 001’ from the Hawkins Lab, case closed. Well, not quite! Not only is Vecna the new alter-ego of 001 after being banished to the Upside Down, but he is also the son of Victor Creel.

How did 001 become Vecna?

Who Plays 001 on Stranger Things? Dr. Martin Brenner, played by actor Matthew Modine, conducted experiments on a number of children at Hawkins Lab.

Are Vecna and 001 the same?

The final scene of Volume 1 shows a shot of Vecna, and a close up of the 001 tattoo on his arm, confirming that Henry Creel, a.k.a. Number One, became Vecna.

Who was 001 in Stranger Things?

Most notably, during the midseason finale, Peter Ballard (Jamie Campbell Bower), who’s been helping Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) as she navigates the Nina simulation, reveals that he’s actually One, the first test subject at Hawkins National Laboratory.

Is 001 a Vecna?

Realizing she could not leave her friends behind, she returned to Hawkins, reuniting with her allies to help them neutralise yet another supernatural threat dubbed the “Mind Flayer”. Eleven was then taken in by Hopper as his adopted daughter, her legal name now “Jane Hopper”.

Is 11 a clone one?

In the earlier seasons it was implied that El was born with her abilities due to exposure to LSD experiments, which is why she was taken away at birth. Everyone else is a recreation is 001’s powers.

Does Hopper adopt Eleven?

Psychic Abilities. Eleven was born with a vast array of preternatural abilities, acquired through a combination of inheritance and exposure to hallucinogenic drugs while in utero during her mother’s time as an MKUltra test subject.

Why does El have powers?

Other characters who have abilities are Terry, El’s mother, who was able to communicate with El through lights and Will who received the power from the Mind Flayer to sense its activity.

Is Eleven born with her powers?

He explains how he’s secretly been the one pulling the strings in Hawkins since at least season 2, but the mystery goes back further to season 1. Vecna is the Mind Flayer.

Does Els mom have powers?

Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven has had two father figures in her life. Dr. Brenner, whom she refers to as Papa, was first, and Jim Hopper is the second. However, because the creators of the show have never considered who her biological dad is, fans took it upon themselves to debunk the theory.

Is 001 the Mind Flayer?

Terry was a test subject who part in Dr. Brenner’s MKUltra experiments at Hawkins Lab. Brenner abducted Terry’s newborn daughter Jane, raising her at the lab along with several other child test subjects, and renamed her Eleven.

Is Hopper really els dad?

When Eleven, a child test subject from Hawkins National Laboratory with psychokinetic abilities, made transdimensional contact with the creature, a gate between dimensions opened at the lab. The creature then set foot in Hawkins, and began hunting, killing and kidnapping various local townspeople.

Is Eleven the daughter of Terry?

Unfortunately, Max could only hold the villain off for so long. Even Eleven, who entered Max’s mind to face Vecna herself, was not strong enough to keep the monster from completing his ritual. Even though Vecna succeeded at his master plan, El was able to save Max, with mixed results.

How did Eleven contact the demogorgon?

The Demogorgon Tried (& Failed) To Use Barb Barb’s death implied that whatever the slug does didn’t take, so the Mind Flayer reached out to Will instead. It could be that the Mind Flayer needed a younger host, or Barb may have simply died while the Demogorgon was attempting to infect her.

Did El save Max?

Brown is likely right in saying that no one created the Upside Down and that the parallel dimension has always existed.

Why did the demogorgon go after Will?

Ultimately, it is revealed in Stranger Things season 4’s finale that the reason why Vecna was killing Hawkins teenagers was to create a massive gate that merges the Right Side Up with the Upside Down – and he specifically needed four bodies to do so.

Did 1 create the upside down?

In so many words, yes, Vecna created the Mind Flayer. As we learn, though, the Mind Flayer is just a tool. When Vecna landed in the Upside Down and stumbled upon the Hive Mind he bent the particles to his will, effectively making himself the master of the Upside Down.

Why did Vecna need 4 kills?

Vecna successfully stole Eleven’s powers when controlling the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things’ season 3 ending, which finally allowed him to emerge stronger than Eleven and enact his plan to take over Hawkins with the Upside Down.

Did one create the Mind Flayer?

011 and 001 Peter Ballard, a man who seemed to be a kind orderly at the lab, turned out to have been the lab’s very first child patient, bearing the tattoo of 001, aka One. And who is this man, you may ask? He’s Henry Creel, Victor’s son. Turns out he not only survived the family massacre, he caused it.

Is 11 stronger than Vecna?

After seeing their second fight, it was clear that Vecna was stronger than Eleven one-on-one, so in Season 5, Eleven will have to find a way to upgrade her powers in order to vanquish her foe once and for all. Stranger Things Seasons 1-4 are streaming now on Netflix.

Is 001 Victor creels son?

Six, portrayed by De’Jon Watts, is a minor character in the fourth season of Stranger Things. He is one of several test subjects experimented upon at Hawkins Lab and was among those who were killed by One on September 8, 1979.

Is 1 stronger than 11 in Stranger Things?

Near the end of Stranger Things Volume 1, Dustin speculated that Vecna is the Mind Flayer’s “five-star general,” but the truth is nowhere near that simple. From the information we got during the Stranger Things 4 finale, we can conclude that Henry Creel is the one calling the shots; in fact, Henry is the Mind Flayer.

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