Is Abeka a good program?

Abeka Academy is a great homeschool choice for K5–12th grade because it provides your child with a college preparatory, traditional, structured education led by experienced Christian school teachers.

What curriculum is comparable to Abeka?

Both ABeka Language and BJU English are great programs. In many ways, they are very similar. They, both, subscribe to the spiral approach of learning the concrete rules of grammar. They, both, emphasize a traditional style (workbook/textbook) of teaching.

Is Abeka Chemistry hard?

By the time a student reaches high school, the Abeka science books are extremely well done. The required involvement and “difficulty” for parents increases at high school level. For instance, the Chemistry and Physics textbooks are not (generally) easy to use. The Biology textbook is very popular.

What religion is Abeka curriculum?

Every tool, resource, and textbook within our curriculum is based on our Christian beliefs.

Does Abeka prepare for college?

We’re proud that Abeka is college preparatory. Our textbooks, teaching approach, and courses of study all foster a student’s ability to read with discernment, think critically, and tackle challenging academic subject matter.

Is Abeka expensive?

The Abeka curriculum costs $1074 for Grades 1-6 and $1365 for Grades 7-12. Compared to other curricula, the Abeka curriculum comes in at an average price.

Does Abeka use Common Core?

Does Abeka use Common Core? The Abeka Homeschool Curriculum does not follow Common Core Standards. In many cases, the curriculum actually teaches concepts earlier than they occur in the Common Core Standards.

Is Abeka an umbrella school?

We feel blessed to have found this curriculum that suits our needs this school year! We will likely use Abeka next year along with our umbrella school enrollment. For those of you who homeschool, what curriculum have you found that works best for your family’s learning styles and schedule?

How long are the Abeka videos?

Most video teaching sessions are 15-20 minutes in length on the elementary level and 45 minutes in length on the secondary levels. These sessions are separated by time periods for lunch, physical education, recess or breaks, student seatwork, reading, and homework check.

Which homeschool curriculum is best?

  • Best Overall:
  • Best Budget:
  • Best for Structure: Time4Learning.
  • Best for Community: Connections Academy.
  • Best Free: Khan Academy.
  • Best for College Prep: edX.
  • Best for Math and Science: CK-12 Foundation.

Is abeka an accredited school?

Who are you accredited by? Abeka Academy is accredited by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. For more details, see the Abeka Academy Accreditation page.

What does abeka stand for?

Wikipedia. Abeka. Abeka (known as A Beka Book until 2017) is a publisher affiliated with Pensacola Christian College (PCC) that produces K-12 curriculum materials that are used by Christian schools and homeschooling families around the world. It is named after Rebekah Horton, wife of college president Arlin Horton.

How does Abeka teach science?

Students are presented with plants, animals, rocks, elements, forces, the human body—and much more—according to an understanding of the design and laws of nature. Learning is delivered through age-appropriate content in a variety of scientific fields, including life science, chemistry, and physics.

What denomination is Abeka?

We have a Christian worldview so our purpose and methods align more with traditional education than progressive education. As Christians, we know that a child is born on one path, not going in God’s direction at all.

Is Abeka math advanced?

Abeka Math, however, tends to move at a quicker pace and tends to introduce concepts earlier than Saxon and the Common Core, making it an advanced curriculum.

Do you get a high school diploma from Abeka?

Diplomas are issued to graduating seniors when the following graduation requirements have been met: Eligible seniors must complete a total of 24 credits (minimum of 4 credits with the Abeka Academy Accredited Program in grade 12). All lessons, whether streaming or DVD, have been viewed.

Does Abeka have high school curriculum?

Abeka high school learning offers two different options, their Accredited Program and their Independent Study. Their Traditional Program only goes through sixth grade.

How do you study for Abeka tests?

  1. Inventory Your Test Materials. To ensure you have all of the key pieces when the big day comes, make a list of what you will need.
  2. Maintain Test Security Before, During, and After Testing.
  3. Study the Administration Directions.
  4. Add Some Fun to Testing Week.
  5. Pray.

Does Abeka offer scholarships?

The tuition scholarship amount is divided by four years and will be applied to the student’s tuition at the end of the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th semesters of consecutive attendance at PCC. You may apply online or download the PDF form.

Does Abeka have financial aid?

While we don’t offer financial aid, we do, however, offer a 10-month payment plan.

Is Abeka homeschool free?

How much does Abeka Academy cost? The cost depends on the grade, number of courses selected, program option chosen, and whether or not books are purchased with the videos. See all the flexible pricing options here.

How many hours a day is Abeka homeschool?

According to parents who take Abeka’s Parent-Led approach, it takes them around 3 to 4 hours per day to get through the required subjects and subsequent seatwork. With that said, moms shared that they do not require their kids to take on every opportunity for seatwork.

Is there a placement test for Abeka?

Abeka Testing offers two standardized ability tests—the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test and the Cognitive Abilities Test.

What Bible version does Abeka use?

Student Bible King James Version.

Can you finish Abeka early?

You can turn in work before it’s due if you are finished with it early. You can also adjust your school schedule to a 6 or 9-month calendar instead of 12 if you feel that your student will finish early.

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