Is drying of clothes a Physical change yes or no?


Is something drying out a chemical or a Physical change?

Drying is an example of a physical change since it does not change the identity or chemical composition of the substance.

Is drying water a chemical change?

Evaporation does not result in any chemical reaction, nor any breaking or making of chemical bonds. If you consider water before evaporation, it is H2O(l) , if you then consider water after evaporation it is H2O(g) . It is still H2O – the molecule hasn’t changed, all that has changed is the physical state.

Which process is responsible for drying wet clothes?

Evaporation is the process that turns the liquid (water) in the clothes into a vapour (gas). Therefore, evaporation is the process by which wet clothes dries up.

What phase change occurs in drying wet clothes?

Evaporation is a type of vaporization of a liquid that occurs from the surface of liquid into gaseous phase that is not saturated with the evaporating substance. Clothes dry up as the water evaporates from the surface of cloth. Was this answer helpful?

What is drying of clothes called?

Evaporation. When wet clothes are dried, the water molecules on the surface acquire latent heat of vapourization, turns into vapour and breaks away from the surface of the cloth.This process is called evaporation.

Is wetting a towel a chemical change?

When wet clothes are left to dry, water changes states from liquid to a gas. No new product is formed. An example of a chemical reaction is the burning of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas to form water.

Is drying of wet clothes a reversible change?

Hence, drying of clothes is a reversible process.

When something gets wet is it a physical change?

When we heat the liquid water, it changes to water vapor. But even though the physical properties have changed, the molecules are exactly the same as before. We still have each water molecule containing two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom covalently bonded.

Is evaporation of water physical or chemical change?

Melting, evaporation and condensation are examples of physical change, or change of state, and are distinct from changes that cause new materials to form through a chemical reaction.

Why evaporation is a physical change?

The evaporation of water is a physical change. When water evaporates, it changes from the liquid state to the gas state, but it is still water; it has not changed into any other substance. All changes of state are physical changes.

Is drying of clothes a chemical change?

Drying of wet clothes is a Physical change. because in this process there is no chemical change.

How does the heat transfer occur in the drying a clothes?

Dry heat transfer occurs through conduction, radiation, convection and ventilation, whereas wet heat transfer when sweating includes several additional complex processes including evaporation, wicking, sorption and desorption, wet conduction (additional conductive heat transfer due to the clothing being wet) and …

What clothes dry due to the process of evaporation True or false?

Answer: The answer is True.

What form of energy is needed to dry clothes?

Heat energy is used for drying clothes.

Why do clothes change color when wet?

A wet cloth looks darker because less light is reflected from a wet cloth. Any cloth is woven from a yarn or fibre. That fibre is in turn made of smaller micro-fibres. Light comes from the room lights, or from the Sun, and lands on the cloth.

Is Drying clothes conduction convection or radiation?

Convection is heat transfer by the movement of gases or liquids, like most home furnaces, clothes dryers, or car heaters.

What is drying method?

Drying is the process of using evaporation to remove water from a solution, suspension, or other solid-liquid mixture. In addition to solids, the process can also be used to remove water from liquids or gases.

What causes clothes to dry?

The water is converted into water vapour, the phenomenon is known as evaporation. Water has salt dissolved in it so on receiving heat water evaporates into vapour leaving behind salt. Thus, water changes into water vapour and the clothes dry up. Evaporation causes cooling naturally.

Which class is known as wet clothes?

Liquid can be converted to solid only if it is at freezing point. Most common example of this process is freezing water to make ice. So in this question as wet clothes are dried up so liquid is converted into gas. Hence it is Evaporation which is happening.

Is Wet soil drying under the sun is a physical change?

Wet soil drying under the sun is physical change. When cement is mixed with water, heat is released which indicates a physical change. Removing air from a flaming materials will cause the flame to die out. Ice formation is an example of phase change.

When ice melts is it a chemical or physical change?

The melting of ice is a physical change when it occurs naturally. But when you speed up the process by using a reactant, such as salt, it becomes a chemical reaction.

Which of the following is an example of a physical change?

Examples of physical changes are boiling, melting, freezing, and shredding.

Do not dry my red shirt in the sun it will become dash?

1.) Don’t dry my red shirt in the sun. It’ll become colorless.

Why will you classify the stretching of a spring as a physical change?

The stretching of a spring can be classified as a physical change as there is no change in the chemical composition of the spring.

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