Is Kyle Horatio’s son?

Kyle Harmon is the son of Lt. Horatio Caine and Julia Winston. He is portrayed by Evan Ellingson and has appeared in seventeen episodes. His first appearance is in the season six premiere, “Dangerous Son”.

Who is the mother of Horatio Caine’s son?

Background. Born on July 6, 1980, Kyle is the second child and son to Horatio Caine and Julia Eberly. Two years before his birth his older sister Rachel Caine was born on February 14, 1978.

What does David Caruso do for a living now?

David Caruso (Horatio Crane) Caruso retired after CSI: Miami and focused his attention on the art world, according to Snopes. He owned a now-closed art gallery in Thousand Oaks, California, called Caruso Art.

How much did David Caruso make on CSI: Miami?

Horatio continued to be in love with Yelina in spite of realizing her true love may always be his brother, Raymond. His feelings for her continued even during her relationship with Stetler. As for Yelina, she loved Horatio but was not in love with him.

Did Horatio and Yelina get together?

In season 4, Horatio began a romantic relationship with Marisol Delko (Eric’s sister). Horatio and Marisol got married and she was killed by the end of season 4.

Does Horatio marry Marisol?

Season Three Horatio convinces Yelina (who had assumed Madison was Horatio’s daughter before he told her the truth) to have her son tested, causing her to realize that Madison was Raymond’s child, and not Horatio’s. Presumably, Ray Jr is tested and proves to be a match, and Madison is cured.

Did Horatio have a daughter?

Horatio then managed to persuade the judge that Julia was mentally unfit to stand trial and was put in a mental hospital for treatment of her bipolar disorder. This is the last time Julia makes an appearance on the show (“Dissolved”).

Who killed Horatio’s wife in CSI: Miami?

She was shot by Memmo Fierro, a Mala Noche sniper, during Rampage and later died from her injury, leaving Horatio and Delko both grief-stricken, devastated, and hellbent on seeking revenge for Marisol’s death.

What happens to Julia on CSI: Miami?

Caruso served as chair of USC’s Board of Trustees from 2018 to 2022. The Times said that Caruso, whose net worth is estimated by Forbes to be $4.3 billion, declined to release information about his income, but the report also claimed he paid more than $2.3 million in business income taxes.

How much is Caruso worth?

He is fired from the department after lying to Horatio regarding his relationship to a man to whom he owed $10,000 in poker debts. Yelina Salas, private investigator and former MDPD homicide detective, observes Ryan meeting the man in a secluded area to pay back the money.

Why was Ryan Wolfe fired on CSI: Miami?

Although she did make appearances in the seventh and eighth seasons of the series, Khandi left the show in part because she wanted to explore different kinds of acting. Her role on CSI involved memorizing and reciting lots of technical jargon, and she was looking to stretch her muscles in other ways.

Why did Alexx leave CSI: Miami?

Horatio finally tells Yelina that Madison is Ray’s child, not his. She’s angry with him for not telling her, and when he explains Madison’s condition to her, she tells him she doesn’t want her son to have to pay for his father’s mistakes.

What did David Caruso play in as a child?

Rick Stetler was an officer of the Internal Affairs Bureau in the MDPD in CSI: Miami. He left the series in Season 8, facing capital charges for stealing old evidence, evidence tampering and the murder of ASA Rebecca Nevins (“Time Bomb”).

Does Horatio ever tell Yelina about Madison?

But, to her shock, she is not going with Horatio, but with her husband (Ray Sr.), who had only recently been revealed to have been alive the entire time, having faked his death to go deep undercover for the DEA (“10-7”).

What happened to Rick on CSI: Miami?

He is also a forensic analyst and former bomb-squad officer. He was briefly married to Eric Delko’s sister, Marisol Delko, which ended when she was murdered by a Mala Noche sniper. Horatio recently discovered that he has a sixteen-year-old son named Kyle Harmon.

Does Horatio get with his sister in law?

Alana De La Garza — whose CSI: Miami character, Marisol, was famously murdered in the Season 4 finale — is on her way back to the sun-baked CBS procedural, TVLine has confirmed. Specifically, De La Garza will reprise her role of Delko’s sister/Horatio’s wife in the Season 10 opener, which is set to air Sunday, Sept.

Does Horatio and Marisol have a baby?

The actress was featured all through season 2 as a guest star, and was finally granted star billing in the season 3 premiere, “Lost Son.” Salas was last seen in the season finale, “10-7,” where her husband Raymond Caine finally revealed himself after his family thought he had been dead.

Does Marisol come back to CSI: Miami?

Timothy “Tim” Speedle, known by his nickname Speed, is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI: Miami. He was portrayed by Rory Cochrane until the character’s death in the third season opening episode “Lost Son”.

Who is Yelena in CSI: Miami?

Sofia Milos: Yelina Salas. Jump to: Quotes (1)

Who was Susie on CSI: Miami?

CSI: Miami (TV Series 2002–2012) – Azura Skye as Susie Barnam Keaton, Susie Barnam – IMDb.

When did Sofia Milos leave CSI: Miami?

He is later revealed to be the killer of Horatio’s wife and Eric’s sister Marisol Delko. After he is captured, he is taken out in the middle of nowhere and threatened at gunpoint to tell them who put out the hit on Marisol. He eventually confesses that Antonio Riaz ordered the hit and is hauled off to jail.

Who got killed off CSI: Miami?

Model Titan Minimal Art 8568 with green polarizer is worn by Lieutenant Horatio Caine in the series CSI: Miami, played by David Caruso. The glasses somehow became a trademark of his character.

What happens to memmo in CSI: Miami?

Raymond Caine is a fictional character on the TV series CSI: Miami. He is portrayed by Dean Winters in season 3 episode 24 (“10-7”) and Christopher Stapleton in Season 5 episode 1 (“Rio”).

What kind of sunglasses does Horatio wear on CSI: Miami?

Ryan asks Delko if someone is gunning for him, and Delko admits he’s not sure and that he’s been staying at the motel because he feared he was under surveillance. Realizing Enrico was the only one who knew where he was, he goes to confront the bartender–only to find him dead in the alley behind the bar he worked in.

Who is Raymond in CSI: Miami?

Stetler tells Horatio he’s being charged with Antonio Riaz’s murder and extradited to Brazil. Horatio goes willingly to Rio de Janeiro and meets with Chief Braga, who absolves Horatio but sends him out into the wild with only a gun for protection against his many enemies.

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