Is physics required for computer science btech?

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To be eligible for a BTech Computer Science, students must have completed class 12th in science stream having studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the core subjects and from a recognized board with the minimum marks specified by their chosen university.

Is physics and chemistry required for computer science engineering?

Computer Science Engineering: Eligibility Criteria Eligibility requirements for BTech in CSE: Aspirants should have passed the Class 12 exam from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects.

Is there physics and chemistry in btech computer science?

Is There Physics And Chemistry In Btech Computer Science? Answer. In the first year of your Btech computer science course, you will study subjects such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, and even engineering drawing, although they aren’t the main subjects, but they are important in the first year.

Does computer science have physics and chemistry?

Strictly no need of mathematics, physics and chemistry required to do computer science engineering. Only basic mathematics is required in this stream. Due to this reason many non engineers are successfully working in computer engineering stream.

Does BTech computer science have chemistry?

Answer. You will find subjects like chemistry, physics, maths even engineering drawing in the first year of your Btech computer science, though they aren’t the main subjects of the course but in the first year they’re important.

Can I do BTech without chemistry?

NEW DELHI: In a significant move that will allow thousands of additional students to get into engineering courses, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has ruled that Chemistry is not mandatory for admission into BTech and BE courses in the country.

Is Btech CSE difficult?

It is not difficult if you are into Computer Science. It completely depends on your dedication. For coding, you will need continuous practice and good understanding of the subject. Coding is not difficult if you practice regularly with full dedication.

Can I do Btech computer science without maths?

As per Indian education system, to do B. tech, a student must have maths as one of his/her compulsory subjects in 12th. So, without maths, one cannot do B. tech in any stream.

Is physics hard in CSE?

In plainer words, physics is harder than CS.

Does CS require physics?

Do You Need Physics For Cs? Physics is probably required for game design in computer science. The CS degree requires two semesters of physics, so you will have to do it in one way or another depending on your degree. It is important that you learn as much math as possible.

Can I study computer science without physics and chemistry?

Knowledge in chemistry or physics is not required for computer science. But, knowledge in math subjects like Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Probability and Statistics is required and will be useful.

Is chemistry required for computer science?

Chemistry is not required to studying computer science. BTech CSE is a four year undergraduate course based in practical and theoretical knowledge of computer hardware and software.

Can I do btech without physics?

In March this year, the AICTE had said that students willing to become engineers need not have studied Physics or Mathematics in Class 12th opening the doors of engineering institutes to lakhs of non-Mathematics and non-Physics stream students.

Is chemistry compulsory for computer engineering?

Chemistry is not important in class 12 to take admission in computer science engineering.As physics and mathematics is the core subjects for computer science. So you must have enough knowledge in statistics mathematics and physics because that is very important.

Which branch is easy in Btech?

ANSWER (1) Computer Science & engineering and IT Branch seems to be much easier than other branches. Student can easily learn and understand the concept in this branch.

Can average student do Btech CSE?

Yes an average student can do engineering department easily.In CSE you have to face lots of mathematics stuffs like Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics,Modern Algebra etc. May be you will face difficulty in starting but if you are average in maths then you can improve yourself and do very well in CSE courses.

Is Btech harder than Jee?

No not at all. Btech is one of the easiest course anyone can do only if they are very passionate about engineering otherwise they find it tough throughout the engineering.

Which engineering has less physics?

Computer Science Engineering is one of the Best Branches in the Engineering field. It doesn’t deal with Physics.

Which engineering does not require physics?

Financial Engineering does not require physics knowledge per se.

In which engineering maths is less?

Biotechnology and Chemical engineering has less Math in it, but atleast you have to three semesters facing the math that will be basic and advance of class 12th board maths.

Is CS easier than physics?

Computer science is generally considered to be one of the easier STEM majors, and most people would agree that it is easier than a physics major in most cases. As such, you will have to work a lot, especially in your junior and senior years, to major in a major.

Is coding harder than physics?

If you’re bad with computers and logic, then yes, computer science is likely to be harder than physics. However, since both areas are very mathematical, I suspect anyone who can handle one is likely to be able to handle the other.

What’s the most difficult computer science course?

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms.
  2. Discrete Mathematics.
  3. Operating Systems.
  4. Automata Theory.
  5. Calculus. These are the 5 hardest computer science classes that you’ll take during your undergraduate (in no particular order). Technically, Calculus isn’t a Comp Sci class.

Can I do Btech CSE without physics and chemistry?

Aspiring engineering candidates do not necessarily need to study physics, chemistry or mathematics in class 12 to be eligible for the programme.

Which engineering does not require chemistry?

Yes. Engineering degrees not involving that much chemistry includes : Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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