How can you tell your biological age?

To calculate biological age, scientists like Levine take a sample of cells and look at specific sites along the genome and see what proportion of the cells are marked with DNA methylation. “In certain areas of our genome the methylation changes very precisely with age,” Levine says. What is the difference between chronological and biological? … Read more

What is hydrolysis reaction in biology?

A chemical reaction in which water is used to break down a compound; this is achieved by breaking a covalent bond in the compound by inserting a water molecule across the bond. Is hydrolysis a biological process? Biological hydrolysis is the cleavage of biomolecules where a water molecule is consumed to effect the separation of … Read more

How science fiction movies can help in creating educational awareness among students?

Cavannaugh, (1996) has observed that science fiction movies enable student learning by allowing them to visualize abstract science concepts and connect related disciplines. Brake and Thornton (2003) described the uses of science fiction in an applied science degree undergraduate program at the University of Glamorgan. What is the purpose of science fiction films? Science fiction … Read more

Can a phenol degrade RNA?

The acidity of the Phenol has no effect on RNA which, as a result, will remain in the aqueous phase. That is how you separate RNA from DNA by lowering the pH of phenol to 4.0 – 4.5. What does phenol do in RNA isolation? Phenol-chloroform based RNA extraction relies on the use of acid … Read more

Why we use serum for estimation of some biomarkers than plasma?

Serum is found to be more sensitive . In order to determine biochemical markers ,serum would be a better source. In case of protein estimation serum lacks many proteins hence plasma holds better. Why is serum preferred over plasma blood for immunological assays? This is because our chemistry reference intervals are based on serum not … Read more

When was the Cambrian explosion discovered?

The first-discovered Cambrian fossils were trilobites, described by Edward Lhuyd, the curator of Oxford Museum, in 1698. What led to the Cambrian explosion? Oxygen fluctuations stalled life on Earth Given the importance of oxygen for animals, researchers suspected that a sudden increase in the gas to near-modern levels in the ocean could have spurred the … Read more

What is the role of an enzyme in a biological reaction quizlet?

what is the function of enzymes? to act as catalysts to speed up chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy, meaning reactions can happen at lower temperatures than normal. How do enzymes affect reactions quizlet? Enzymes speed up chemical reactions by lowering the amount of activation energy needed for the reaction to happen. How do … Read more

How do you calculate per capita growth rate?

The complete formula for annual per capita growth rate is: ((G / N) * 100) / t, where t is the number of years. Finding the annual per capita growth rate, as opposed to only the rate for the entire time period, makes it easier to predict future population changes because it relates to both … Read more

What is molecular biology in biomedical science?

Molecular biology has revolutionised the progress of biology over the last half century, culminating in the determination of the complete human genome sequence, and is central to current investigations to understand the genetic basis of human disease and pathology, as well as to the development of improved crops. How is molecular biology used in research? … Read more

How many biological factors influence criminal behavior?

This selective review discusses three biological factors that have been examined in relation to antisocial and criminal behavior: psychophysiology, brain, and genetics. How do biological explanations explain crime? 1) Biological theories Biological explanations of crime assume that some people are ‘born criminals’, who are physiologically distinct from non-criminals. The most famous proponent of this approach … Read more

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