What does Biology as Ideology mean?

In this, Biology as Ideology showcases the conclusion that increasing numbers of philosophers and sociologists of science have also reached, though usually with infinitely less clarity and style-that scientists do not only (or even ever) generate their theories based solely on objective consideration of evidence. What does Lorber mean by believing is seeing? In the … Read more

How are spectrophotometers used in the biological sciences?

Spectrophotometers are widely used in various disciplines such as physics, molecular biology, chemistry and biochemistry. Applications for specs include measurement of substance concentration such as protein, DNA or RNA, growth of bacterial cells, and enzymatic reactions. What is the purpose of spectrophotometers? Spectrophotometers measure absorbance (A) and transmittance (T). The intensity of light (I0) measures … Read more

What is the formula of biological value?

BV(relative) = ( BV(percentage) / BV(reference) ) * 100. BV(percentage) = ( BV(relative) / 100 ) * BV. What is chemical score and biological value of protein? One method for assessing dietary protein quality is by determining a diet’s chemical score, ie, the ratio of a gram of the limiting amino acid in a test … Read more

How can you distinguish a eukaryotic cell?

The primary distinction between these two types of organisms is that eukaryotic cells have a membrane-bound nucleus and prokaryotic cells do not. The nucleus is where eukaryotes store their genetic information. What are 3 key features that distinguish a eukaryotic cell? Differences in cellular structure of prokaryotes and eukaryotes include the presence of mitochondria and … Read more

What are some of the biological contributions to antisocial behavior?

The childhood-age common antisocial behavior factor was influenced by 41% genetics, 40% shared environment and 19% non-shared environment. In adolescence, 41% of influences on the common antisocial behavior factor were novel and entirely genetic, while the remainder of influences was stable across time. How does psychotherapy help with antisocial personality disorder? How can psychotherapy help … Read more

How do cognitive and biological constraints affect operant conditioning?

Do cognitive processes and biological constraints affect operant conditioning? Skinner underestimated the limits that cognitive and biological constraints place on conditioning. Research on cognitive mapping, latent learning, and insight demonstrate the importance of cognitive processes in learning. What are biological limitations on operant conditioning? Learning is adaptive: Each species learns behaviors that aid its survival. … Read more

How does development provide evidence for evolution?

Embryology, the study of the development of the anatomy of an organism to its adult form, provides evidence for evolution as embryo formation in widely-divergent groups of organisms tends to be conserved. How does developmental biology embryology help support evolution? Embryology is important to understanding a species’ evolution, since some homologous structures can be seen … Read more

How can we measure the effects of climate change?

Global average surface temperature: Climate change is most commonly measured using the average surface temperature of the planet. What is the biological evidence of climate change? Trapped within the ice are air bubbles and other biological evidence that can reveal temperature and carbon dioxide data. Antarctic ice cores have been collected and analyzed to indirectly … Read more

How do biological factors determine the psychological Behaviour?

The biological perspective is a way of looking at psychological issues by studying the physical basis for animal and human behavior. It is one of the major perspectives in psychology and involves such things as studying the brain, immune system, nervous system, and genetics. How does biological influences affect behavior? The biological approach believes behavior … Read more

How do vascular plants obtain water?

The vascular tissues of these plants are called xylem and phloem. The xylem of vascular plants consists of dead cells placed end to end that form tunnels through which water and minerals move upward from the roots (where they are taken in) to the rest of the plant. Do vascular plants get water by osmosis? … Read more

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