What does it mean to emit energy?

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If something emits heat, light, gas, or a smell, it produces it and sends it out by means of a physical or chemical process.

What is an example of Emit?

To emit is defined as to discharge, or to produce and let off, something such as an odor or a sound. Rotting, stinky garbage is an example of something that emits an odor.

What is meant by emitting radiation?

Emission occurs when the excited electron returns to a lower electron orbital. The emitted radiation is termed luminescence. Luminescence is observed at energies that are equal to or less than the energy corresponding to the absorbed radiation.

What is the synonym of Emit?

release, send (out), shoot, throw out, vent.

Why do atoms emit light?

Light is the result of electrons moving between defined energy levels in an atom, called shells. When something excites an atom, such as a collision with another atom or a chemical electron, an electron may absorb the energy, boosting it up to a higher-level shell.

What does emission mean in science?

1 : an act or instance of emitting. 2a : something sent forth by emitting: as. (1) : electrons discharged from a surface. (2) : electromagnetic waves radiated by an antenna or a celestial body. (3) : substances and especially pollutants discharged into the air (as by a smokestack or an automobile gasoline engine)

What are the characteristics of Emit?

To emit means to give off or let out, and it usually has a lot to do with gases, smells and noises. All of which could be potentially embarrassing, depending on where they’re coming from.

What is a good sentence for Emit?

1. The metal container began to emit a clicking sound. 2. She was heard to emit a cry of horror.

How would you use emit in a sentence?

  • Bright meteors often emit the bluish-white light suggestive of burning magnesium.
  • Normal light bulbs emit more red then blue light.
  • In the not too distant future, tiny robots will detect pests on produce and emit a signal to shoo them away.

What is the meaning of emitting in physics?

Emit means to release or discharge something, such as gas, liquid, heat, sound, light, or radiation. The process of emitting is called emission. Emission can also refer to something that has been emitted.

Can humans emit radiation?

Yes, all objects, including human bodies, emit electromagnetic radiation. The wavelength of radiation emitted depends on the temperature of the objects. Such radiation is sometimes called thermal radiation. Most of the radiation emitted by human body is in the infrared region, mainly at the wavelength of 12 micron.

Why do electrons emit light when they are excited?

When properly stimulated, electrons in these materials move from a lower level of energy up to a higher level of energy and occupy a different orbital. Then, at some point, these higher energy electrons give up their “extra” energy in the form of a photon of light, and fall back down to their original energy level.

What does emit mean definition?

Definition of emit transitive verb. 1a : to throw or give off or out emit light/heat. b : to send out : eject. 2a : to issue with authority especially : to put (something, such as money) into circulation. b obsolete : publish.

What is the opposite of emission?

Antonyms. discontinuation inactivity discontinuance activation sink source inactiveness. bodily process evacuation flow menses activity.

What is the verb form of emission?

-ing form emitting. /iˈmɪtɪŋ/ /iˈmɪtɪŋ/ jump to other results. ​emit something to send out something such as light, heat, sound, gas, etc.

Do electrons emit light?

Light is emitted when an electron jumps from a higher orbit to a lower orbit and absorbed when it jumps from a lower to higher orbit.

How do atoms absorb and emit light?

An atom can absorb or emit one photon when an electron makes a transition from one stationary state, or energy level, to another. Conservation of energy determines the energy of the photon and thus the frequency of the emitted or absorbed light.

Does all matter emit light?

How does light interact with matter? – Matter can emit light, absorb light, transmit light, and reflect (or scatter) light. – Interactions between light and matter determine the appearance of everything we see.

What is an emission spectrum chemistry?

emission spectrum. The distribution of electromagnetic radiation released by a substance whose atoms have been excited by heat or radiation. A spectroscope can be used to determine which frequencies have been emitted by a substance.

What is difference between emission and absorption spectra?

The main difference between emission and absorption spectra is that an emission spectrum has different coloured lines in the spectrum, whereas an absorption spectrum has dark-coloured lines in the spectrum.

What is a sentence for Gash?

Gash sentence example. Andrew threw out his hand and received an ugly gash across the knuckles. A gash in one leg prevented him from rising, and he whined as she knelt beside him. In the fall she sustained a deep gash to the left knee.

How do you use yawn in a sentence?

  1. Dean asked with a yawn as the night caught up with him.
  2. She pretended to stifle a yawn.
  3. Touching a hand to her mouth, she stifled a feigned yawn of boredom.
  4. If you yawn around your friends, you will quickly notice that it was contagious!
  5. I also yawn a lot when I have a migraine.

What is a sentence for enzymes?

How to use Enzyme in a sentence. Such an enzyme is the pepsin of the stomach of the higher animals. These genetic defects are found in infants who are missing a necessary enzyme or protein.

What is a sentence for frantic?

Frantic sentence example. She controlled her breathing to keep her frantic emotions from consuming her. But all my frantic efforts were in vain. Alex called in a frantic voice as he ran into the barn.

What is the sentence of fumbled?

Fumbled sentence example. She fumbled with the key and finally unlocked the door. Cynthia fumbled with her napkin. He fumbled with the flashlight, nearly dropping it when his arms embraced her.

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