What does Magic Johnson’s oldest son do?

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Andre Johnson is the eldest of Magic Johnson’s three children. According to his LinkedIn page, he’s the vice president of development at Mythical Games, and prior to that, he worked with his father’s company. He’s also a devoted husband, father, podcaster, and born-again Christian.

Does Magic Johnson have any biological children?

Johnson has three children. His first son, Andre, was born in 1981 out of wedlock. A decade later, Johnson married Cookie Kelly and has two kids together, an openly gay son, Earvin III and an adopted daughter Elisa. Earvin Johson III or EJ came out to his family when he was 17 years old, as reported by Variety.

How rich is Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson, 62 – US$620 million He returned as a coach two years later and attempted a comeback before his retirement in 1996. He founded Magic Johnson Enterprises, which is now valued at over US$1 billion, per Celebrity Net Worth. It owns a movie studio, theatres and a marketing company.

Who did Magic Johnson have his first child with?

Andre was raised by his mother Melissa Mitchell, but the 12-time NBA All-Star made it a point for his oldest son to visit him each summer. Magic and Cookie adopted a daughter, Elisa Johnson, in 1995. “It scared me to death. I mean, I fell to my knees,” Cookie told [Good Morning America] co-anchor Robin Roberts.

Who is mother of Magics first child?

Magic has three kids, but he and Cookie have two children together. During a period when Magic and Cookie had broken up, he dated a woman named Melissa Mitchell, with whom he had a son, Andre, in 1981. “There was a lot of breaking up and getting back together, a lot of ups and downs.

What NBA player is a billionaire?

LeBron James poses at the premiere of the film Hustle on June 1 at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles. James’ net worth recently broke $1 billion, making him the first ever active NBA player to become a billionaire.

How many Starbucks does Magic Johnson own?

All-time NBA great Magic Johnson sold his 105 Starbucks franchises just one day after selling his share of the Los Angeles Lakers. So how much cash did Johnson pocket? About $100 million total.

How many children did Magic Johnson father?

From the highlights from Magic’s career, but the evolution of Johnson as a person including his role as a husband and father. Magic Johnson has three children. In the series, his relationship with his youngest son, EJ, is explored.

Who is richer LeBron or Jordan?

He is the first active NBA player to reach the status. Michael Jordan, whose net worth Forbes has pegged at $1.7bn, didn’t reach billionaire status until 11 years after he retired. Forbes estimated James earned $121.2 million last year, a figure eclipsed only by Lionel Messi, who brought in $130m.

Who are the 3 billionaire athletes?

Arguably the best golfer to ever pick up a club, Tiger Woods recently made history for an accomplishment off the course. The 82-time PGA Tour event winner, which is tied for the most of all time with Sam Snead recently joined LeBron James and Michael Jordan as the one of the known athlete billionaires.

Did Shaq invest in Starbucks?

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wanted to do business with Shaquille O’Neal, but the NBA legend declined because “black people don’t drink coffee.” O’Neal said on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” that his agent told him Schultz wanted to team up with the basketball star, but he declined the offer.

How many Burger Kings does Magic Johnson own?

Magic Johnson owns 30 Burger Kings (and owned more than 100 Starbucks franchises before selling them in 2010).

Who is richer LeBron or Shaq?

LeBron James has made the most money from their NBA career, racking up $387,384,119 over the span of his 19-year career. Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kevin Durant help to round out some of the other top spots on the list.

Who is richest NFL player?

Tom Brady is heading into his third season with the Buccaneers. Brady announced his retirement in February but reversed the decision a month later, allowing him to improve on his NFL-record career earnings total of roughly $450 million, including endorsements.

What companies does Shaq own?

O’Neal also owns 17 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels restaurants and has invested in nine Papa John’s restaurants. In addition to putting his money into 150 car washes, 40 24-hour gyms and a movie theater in his native Newark, he also runs his own fast-food chain. In 2018, he founded the Big Chicken brand of chicken sandwiches.

Who is the first billionaire athlete?

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER – first billionaire athlete / greatest racer ever / first sports billionaire.

What sport makes the most money?

With only 30 teams in the league and an unrivaled system in place to make money through television, sponsorships, merchandising, and, of course, ticket sales, the NBA is the king of money-making in the sports world.

Who is the No 1 athlete in the world?

Paris Saint-Germain striker Lionel Messi is the world’s highest paid athlete for the second time, according to Forbes’ annual list of the highest-paid athletes. Messi made $130 million between May 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022 before taxes.

Who is the wealthiest celebrity?

George Lucas. George Lucas is the richest celebrity of 2020 with a net worth $6.5 billion.

Who was the first NBA billionaire?

Even though LeBron James is not in the NBA Finals this year, he has about a billion reasons to celebrate. Forbes says at 37, he’s the first active NBA player ever to become a billionaire.

Who is the richest man in the world?

The cofounder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates has a net worth of $117 billion. Having founded the software giant Microsoft along with Paul Allen, Bill Gates eventually sold away much of his stakes in the company retaining just 1% of the shares and investing the rest in stocks and other assets.

Who is the richest retired athlete?

  • Michael Jordan: $90 million.
  • Arnold Palmer: $40 million.
  • David Beckham: $37 million.
  • Jack Nicklaus: $30 million.
  • Magic Johnson: $22 million.

Who is the richest Olympic athlete?

Michael Phelps is a retired American Olympic swimmer and corporate endorser who has a net worth of $100 million dollars. Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete in history and holds a total of 28 Olympic Medals (23 of them gold) He is considered by many to be the greatest swimmer of all time.

Who is the richest woman in the world?

There were 328 women listed on the world’s billionaires as of 17 March 2021, up from 241 in March 2020. Since 2021, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is listed as the world’s wealthiest woman.

Does Shaq own Elvis Presley?

We’re going to build this company together. ‘ And that’s how he became the second-largest shareholder of ABG.” ABG acquired Elvis’ royalties in November 2013 from Elvis Presley Enterprises, which was run by the late music icon’s family. This includes a share of all licensing and merchandising related to the star.

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