What does the chloro prefix mean?

Chloro- is a combining form used like a prefix that can mean “green” or indicate the chemical element chlorine. It is used in many medical and scientific terms, especially in biology and chemistry.

What does chloro mean in medical terminology?

, chlor- [Gr. chlōros, green, greenish yellow, yellow] Prefixes meaning green, chlorine, or containing chlorine.

What does the term Cyto mean?

Cyto-: Prefix denoting a cell. “Cyto-” is derived from the Greek “kytos” meaning “hollow, as a cell or container.” From the same root come the combining form “-cyto-” and the suffix “-cyte” which similarly denote a cell.

What does phyll mean?

The combining form –phyll is used like a suffix meaning “leaf.” It is occasionally used in scientific terms, especially in biology. The form –phyll comes from Greek phýllon, meaning “leaf.” The Latin cognate of phýllon is folium, also meaning “leaf,” which is the source of words such as foil, foliage, and folio.

What is a chloro group?

The chloro group is a weak DMG and requires very low-temperature metallation conditions in order to prevent benzyne formation, for example, ortho-lithiated chlorobenzenes formed at −105°C may be used in Michael reactions. From: Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry II, 1995.

Is ex a prefix?

Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The prefix ex-, with its variants e- and ec-, mean “out.” Examples using this prefix include exceed, eject, and eccentric. An easy way to remember that the prefix ex- means “out” is through the word exit, for when you exit a room, you go “out” of it.

What word part means green?

Part. Definition. chlor-, chloro- green.

What is an example of Cyto?

An example of a word you may have encountered that features cyto- is cytoplasm, “the cell substance between the cell membrane and the nucleus.”

What does Cytosis mean in medical terms?

cytosis: 1. Suffix referring to cells, as in anisocytosis (inequality in the size of red blood cells), elliptocytosis (elliptical red cells), and phagocytosis (ingestion of cells). 2. Suffix connoting an increase in cells, as in leukocytosis (increase in white blood cells) and lymphocytosis (increase in lymphocytes).

What is cytology simple answer?

Cytology (cytopathology) is a branch, or subspecialty, of pathology. In medicine, pathology deals with the laboratory examination of cells in samples of body tissue or fluids for diagnostic purposes.

What words end with phyll?

  • erythrophyll.
  • leucophyll.
  • protophyll.
  • chrysophyll.
  • cyathophyll.
  • hypsophyll.
  • cataphyll.
  • rhodophyll.

Is plasm a root word?

What does -plasm mean? The combining form –plasm is used like a suffix meaning “living substance,” “tissue,” “substance of a cell.” It is very occasionally used in scientific terms, especially in biology.

Is chloro a functional group?

The name of the above functional group is Chloro.

What is CH3 called?

Methyl radical | CH3 – PubChem.

What ex boyfriend means?

Definition of ex-boyfriend : a former boyfriend (sense 2)

Why is it called ex-wife?

As stated above, “ex” in English comes from the Latin word “ex” meaning “out of”, and can mean “former”, “from” or “outside”: “FORMER” ( ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-president, etc ) This is the case that you mentioned, where “ex” stands for “former” or “previous” or “used to be”.

What does ex mean in ex boyfriend?

ex- is a word-forming element, which in English simply means “former” in this case, or mainly “out of, from,” but also “upwards, completely, deprive of, without. It most likely originated in Latin, where ex meant “out of, from within,” and perhaps, in some cases also from Greek cognate ex, ek.

What root means blood?

Hemo- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “blood.” It is used in many medical terms, especially in pathology. Hemo- comes from the Greek haîma, meaning “blood.”

Which medical term means skin pain?

Definition of allodynia : pain resulting from a stimulus (such as a light touch of the skin) which would not normally provoke pain also : a condition marked by such pain.

What is red medicine?

Relative End-Diastolic Volume (cardiology)

Why it is called cytology?

Cytopathology is generally used on samples of free cells or tissue fragments, in contrast to histopathology, which studies whole tissues. Cytopathology is frequently, less precisely, called “cytology”, which means “the study of cells”.

What does cytology mean in science terms?

Cytology is the exam of a single cell type, as often found in fluid specimens. It’s mainly used to diagnose or screen for cancer. It’s also used to screen for fetal abnormalities, for pap smears, to diagnose infectious organisms, and in other screening and diagnostic areas.

What is the prefix for cytokinesis?

Biology Prefixes With “Cyto-” In a clinical setting, a cytogeneticist is often tasked with finding abnormalities in chromosomes. Cytogenetics (cyto – genetics) – a branch of genetics that studies the components of cells that impact heredity. Cytokinesis (cyto – kinesis) – the division of a cell into two distinct cells.

How many types of cytosis are there?

There are three main types of cytosis: endocytosis (into the cell), exocytosis (out of the cell), and transcytosis (through the cell, in and out).

What does acute cytosis mean?

A condition in which there is more than the usual number of cells, as in the cytosis of spinal fluid in acute leptomeningitis.

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