What Happened To Because Science? Find Out Now!

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Science has always been an interesting subject for people of all ages, and the fascinating world of science content on social media platforms is no exception. One such popular platform is Because Science, which provides detailed scientific explanations and explores some of the most intriguing concepts in the field.

Many fans have become curious as to what happened to this once-prominent channel that was a hub for all things science. The sudden disappearance of their favorite source of information has left them searching for answers.

If you’re one of those curious minds looking for closure, then you’re in luck because we’ve got all the latest updates and news on what happened to Because Science. There’s a lot to unpack, so sit back, relax, and get ready to delve deep into the topic.

“The beauty of science is that it works whether or not you believe in it.” -Neil deGrasse Tyson

We’ll take you through everything from its disappearance to speculations surrounding Kelvin’s fate and possible reasons behind its shut down. You’ll finally be able to put your mind at ease after finding out what transpired with this beloved channel.

So let’s get started, and by the end of this article, we hope to provide you with a thorough understanding of what actually happened to Because Science.

Behind The Scenes of Because Science

The Creation of Because Science

Because Science is a YouTube series created by Nerdist Industries that explores and explains the science behind popular movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more. The show uses humor and pop-culture references to make science accessible and entertaining for viewers.

The idea for Because Science was born when Kyle Hill, the host and head writer of the series, proposed the concept to Nerdist’s CEO Chris Hardwick in 2014. Hill wanted to create a show that combined his love for science with his passion for science fiction and fantasy.

The Production Process

Each episode of Because Science goes through a thorough research and writing process before it even gets to production. Hill spends hours researching the topic of each episode, gathering sources and scientific data that supports or contradicts the concepts being explored.

Once the script is finalized, production begins. The team at Nerdist works closely with Hill to develop visual effects, illustrations, and animations that can best explain complex scientific concepts in an engaging way. Shooting and post-production take several days per episode, involving multiple takes, sound mixing, and color correction.

The Challenges Faced During Filming

Despite the humorous tone of the show, creating Because Science comes with its own set of challenges. One of the significant obstacles the crew often faces is time constraints and budget limitations. Developing custom-made illustrations and animations can put a strain on both resources.

Another difficulty is making sure the scientific concepts are accurate while simultaneously tailoring them to a broader audience. It requires finding a balance between keeping things simple enough for those without a technical background to understand while avoiding oversimplification that might offend knowledgeable fans.

Behind the Camera: Meet the Crew

Because Science is more than just Kyle Hill. There’s an entire production team that works behind the scenes to bring the show to life.

  • Jayne Troche, Producer: Jayne operates camera equipment during filming and ensures the team stays on schedule.
  • Mackenzie Maher, Editor: Mackenzie pieces togetherthe final cut of each episode through multiple rounds of editing before it’s ready for upload.
  • Santiago Garcia, VFX Artist: Santiago uses computer graphics software to create custom animations and visual effects for the show.
  • Ramin Zahed, Director of Animation and Comics: Ramin lends his experience in comics and animation to provide additional insights into the creative process of the show.
“From finding how a superhero jumps from one building to another or explaining why hair changes color as you age, we’re always exploring new ideas.” -Jayne Troche

Their collective efforts ultimately result in a well-produced, informative video series that has amassed over two million subscribers since its inception. The crew spends countless hours perfecting each episode, all with the goal of making science accessible to everyone.

Why Did The Show Stop Airing?

The Network’s Decision

In 2020, the popular YouTube series “Because Science” came to an abrupt halt. The announcement was made by the host and creator of the show, Kyle Hill.

Hill revealed that the decision to end the show was not his own but rather that of the network it was under. Nerdist Industries had been the production company behind the series since its debut in 2014, as part of their Geek & Sundry channel. However, earlier in 2020, Nerdist was bought out by Legendary Pictures which resulted in a restructuring of the company.

“Sometimes, things don’t work out like you plan,” Hill stated in his video farewell message. “I’m not happy about it, I know many of you aren’t happy about it… This is a job killer and very sad times for me.”

Unfortunately, this type of ending is common in the entertainment industry where shows only remain on air so long as they fit within the production company’s overall plans and budget.

The Ratings and Viewership Numbers

The popularity of “Because Science” has never been in question—since Episode One, the science-based program captured audiences with insightful questions while exploring tropes from movies, games, comics, and more. So what did ratings have to do with the show’s cancellation then? Well, potentially quite a bit.

The TV industry, especially commercial networks who showcase most American programming require commercials, base much of their decisions around Nielsen numbers. Due to limitations in YouTube data, however, confirming whether the low viewership triggered the cessation is challenging. Publicly available audience figures we could find were somewhat outdated, noting almost two million total views per week—but these statistics didn’t account for the wider distribution of content through social media campaigns. So while we cannot be sure if it was a contributing factor, and internal figures likely showed far higher numbers it’s not impossible.

Additionally, popularity and revenue are not directly proportional since monetizing can instead come down to the type of advertising in lieu of viewer impressions or clicks on ads..

The End of the Contract

A situation will cause shows to go out of production, as well as contract terminations between talent and executives.

“Because Science” appeared to be a primary component of Geeks & Sundry’s programming since its inception along with several other programs by Nerdist such as Tabletop starring Wil Wheaton, so some may assume that multiple-season contracts were awarded at the program start. It is unlikely, though that no such details have been released publicly.

Hill has landed very firmly on his feet meanwhile – after becoming an author – he currently does behind-the-camera work both with Discovery Channel and Mythbusters, perhaps another hint that money flowed from Legendary after the show ended..

“I was blown away by Kyle Hill’s scientific passion,” said Adam Savage, former co-host of MythBusters.” There isn’t any doubt that “Because Science” was one of the most popular science-based television programs ever produced. However, despite having won countless accolades over the years like Webby Awards, episodes became increasingly irregular even prior to what seems like cancellation. As it stands now, fans are finishing enjoying the old seasons available online and hoping that somewhere down the road this groundbreaking show returns—but nothing appears to be planned anytime soon.

What Happened To the Host of Because Science?

The Reason for the Host’s Departure

Because Science was a popular science-themed YouTube series that aired on Nerdist. The show was hosted by Kyle Hill, who was known for his impressive knowledge of physics and pop culture. However, at the beginning of 2021, fans were shocked to hear that Hill would no longer be hosting the show.

In a tweet, Hill announced that he would be stepping down as host of Because Science due to personal reasons. “I’ve decided to step away from my shows for a bit. Mental health things,” he wrote. He also posted a heartfelt message on Instagram thanking fans for their support and encouragement over the years.

“Mental illness is something that I deal with privately but it’s seeped into enough areas of my public life now that this break seems necessary.…” -Kyle Hill

Hill’s announcement made it clear that his departure from Because Science was not due to any disagreements or issues with Nerdist Studios, but solely because of his need to prioritize his mental health.

The Impact on the Show

Kyle Hill had been the face of Because Science since its inception in 2014, and fans were understandably upset about his departure. Many took to social media to express their sadness and offer words of encouragement to Hill. However, despite losing their beloved host, Nerdist Studios has continued to produce new episodes of Because Science. In fact, the show has undergone a bit of a revamp, with new hosts taking over and putting their own spin on the format. So far, these changes have been met with positive reception from fans.

That being said, many viewers still miss Hill and his quirky sense of humor, and some have expressed that the show just isn’t the same without him. However, others have praised the new hosts for bringing a fresh perspective to the series.

The Host’s Future Endeavors

After leaving Because Science, Kyle Hill has remained relatively quiet on social media, leading fans to wonder what his plans for the future are.

In an interview with Syfy Wire, Hill hinted that he might be moving away from science communication and pursuing other interests. “I’m exploring different creative avenues right now… we’ll see what comes next,” he shared.

“In terms of content creation, I loved every second of trying to parse complex science concepts into bite-sized chunks while also making it fun, funny, and engaging…” -Kyle Hill

Hill’s statement suggests that he still has a passion for entertaining and educating people, but is ready to explore new ways to do so.

In any case, many fans will undoubtedly continue to support and follow Hill in whatever ventures he pursues in the future, whether they involve science or not.

The Future of Because Science

Ever since the popular YouTube channel Because Science seemingly disappeared from the internet, fans have been wondering what happened to it. In fact, many viewers are still holding out hope for a revival of the show. While there is no official word on what caused the hiatus or if the show will return, there are potential new hosts and show concepts that could lead to its resurgence.

Potential New Hosts

The original host of Because Science, Kyle Hill, had a unique blend of humor, knowledge, and enthusiasm that made the show a hit with audiences. However, now that he has moved on to other projects, some fans might be worried that any new hosts won’t live up to their expectations.

One potential option for a new host could be scientist and video game enthusiast Michael Stevens of Vsauce. With his entertaining style and educational content, Stevens could bring a fresh perspective to Because Science. Another possibility could be science communicator Dianna Cowern of Physics Girl, whose creativity and passion for physics could make her a perfect fit for the show.

New Show Concepts

While many fans would love to see because Science return as it was, a revamped version with new concepts could also be exciting. For instance, the show could focus more on the intersection between science and pop culture by exploring the science behind movie sequences or comic book storylines. Additionally, the inclusion of more guest experts from different fields could provide diverse and interesting conversations.

Another idea for the show could be to incorporate more hands-on experiments or demonstrations into each episode, allowing viewers to follow along and replicate them at home. This concept worked well with Mythbusters, and could breathe new life into Because Science.

The Possibility of Revival

Although the future of Because Science is uncertain, there are signs that point to a possible revival. In his personal blog, Kyle Hill has addressed the hiatus and hinted at more episodes in the future. Additionally, fan communities on various social media platforms have been clamoring for the return of the show.

The possibility of it returning largely depends on external factors such as the availability of funding or partnerships with major networks or brands. However, fans can continue to keep their hopes up and not give up on seeing Because Science again.

The Fanbase’s Role in the Future of the Show

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

The passionate and dedicated fan base of Because Science could be a key factor in ensuring its successful return. The active online presence of the show’s fandom showcases that the series still holds cultural significance for many people. If enough supporters express their desire for the show’s revival, this could demonstrate strong demand and interest based on objective metrics.

In addition to showing support through comments and discussions online, fans could sign petitions or participate in crowdfunding campaigns to help fund potential new seasons or projects related to Because Science. As shown by Kickstarter and Patreon, individuals banding together in financial support can transform passion into success when directed towards an inspiring vision.

All in all, only time will tell if Because Science will make an official comeback, but with the excitement and dedication of fans combined with potential new hosts and concepts, the wait might just be worthwhile.

What Made Because Science So Popular?

The Show’s Unique Concept

Because Science is a web series created by Kyle Hill, where he uses science to explain popular culture phenomena. With an intriguing concept like this, there was nothing quite like it before on the internet.

Hill takes everyday topics from pop culture and applies scientific principles to answer curious questions of fans. For example, he explains how long characters could survive in different environments in Lord of The Rings or how fast Superman would have to fly to save Lois Lane without killing her using physics theories. This unique approach sets his show apart from other science channels and gives the audience an engaging experience that makes them come back for more.

The Host’s Personality and Delivery

Kyle Hill’s personality and delivery on screen are what draw viewers towards Because Science. He has a great sense of humor mixed with strong knowledge in the field of science that turns even the most complex concepts into easily digestible information.

“Kyle does a fantastic job breaking down complicated subjects into easy-to-understand chunks,” says YouTube user Squeebles. “The way he connects different areas of science to nerd/nostalgia interests is also really cool.”

His presentation style makes him relatable and authentic to the audience so that they can understand difficult scientific concepts that may otherwise be hard to grasp.

Moreover, Hill doesn’t just stick to one subject while explaining any topic but brings in various references from science fiction, history, and literature, making it exciting and captivating for nerdy audiences. His positive attitude and passion for science make learning enjoyable, which keeps viewers tuning in week after week for new episodes.

It’s because these two factors – unique content strategy, and an engaging host- why Because Science has become so popular. Kyle Hill’s creativity and innovative approach to science, combined with his cheerful personality and delivery of the content made the show a huge success in its early days.

Is There Any Chance That Because Science Will Return?

The Possibility of a Network Pickup

One possibility for the return of Because Science is if it gets picked up by a network. After all, many popular YouTube channels have been transformed into TV shows in the past decade. For example, The Try Guys and Good Mythical Morning both started on YouTube and later became successful TV series. Nevertheless, networks require shows to meet specific criteria before approving them for airtime.

Firstly, ratings matter; consistency and high viewership are essential for a show’s longevity. Secondly, production costs must be minimal to maximize profits. Lastly, the content should be appropriate for the network’s audience. If these conditions are met, there is a way to bring Because Science back on screens through a network pickup.

The Potential for a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns could potentially save Because Science from being canceled permanently. Crowdfunding has become increasingly common over the years, with well-known channels such as LinusTechTips utilizing this fundraising method for their projects successfully. When it comes to crowdfunding, fan contributions reign supreme because they possess vital financial power.

Crowdfunding can also generate hype that tends to translate into long-term support once a project reaches the required donation amount. Furthermore, a well-organized campaign can get donors involved in the creative process by allowing them to suggest video ideas, tweak script drafts or suggest guests – making fans feel like stakeholders in the project.

The Importance of Fan Support

Fans’ importance in keeping Because Science alive cannot be underrated. Fans are powerful assets when it comes to rallying behind causes they care about – including saving their favorite show from cancellation. They might take to social media platforms to make noise or promote petitions highlighting their requests. Such platforms have been known to facilitate significant changes, such as the time when Rick and Morty’s showrunners got a deal for 70 more episodes following a social media outcry.

Furthermore, by keeping up with fans’ reactions through comment sections or direct interaction via live streams, channel creators insightfully adapt their content to fit viewer preferences. Therefore, engaging with supporters could play an essential role in understanding what works and what needs tweaking from both the creative team and fan perspectives.

The Host’s Thoughts on the Future of the Show

Kyle Hill, the host of Because Science, has made statements expressing his views on the future of the YouTube series. In his video titled “GOODBYE FOR NOW?,” he assured viewers that this wasn’t the end of Because Science and that there was enough potential material to last years – but only if Syfy (the network where the show aired) didn’t renew it officially. He revealed that even after six seasons thus far, many topics still deserve attention, so cancellation seemed premature.

“Everything is always changing. Shows rise, shows fall; everything gets canceled at some point, but I sincerely hope this isn’t one of them.”

In another video, Kyle Hill acknowledged the overwhelming support flowing in from fans since the news of the season seven cancelation broke out. The amount of love reverberating from supporters worldwide demonstrated how much the show had grown over the years and signified its importance to science enthusiasts worldwide.

“It really means the world to me – to us – seeing your guys’ thoughts about the show.”

Hill suggested that the show would undoubtedly continue in some form or other later on down the line but didn’t elaborate on how that would happen.. However, given the audience’s positive reaction and his beliefs regarding the show’s future potential, there’s a high probability that Because Science will find a way back to science enthusiasts’ screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Because Science?

Because Science was a YouTube channel that explored science fiction and pop culture through a scientific lens. Hosted by Kyle Hill, the show covered a range of topics including physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering to explain the science behind our favorite movies, comics, and games.

When did Because Science stop producing content?

Because Science stopped producing content in December 2020. The channel had been active for six years, releasing new episodes every week. The sudden end of the show came as a surprise to many fans who had grown to love the unique approach to science education that Because Science offered.

Why did Because Science stop making videos?

The reason for Because Science’s sudden end is unclear. Host Kyle Hill has not publicly commented on why the show stopped producing content. However, rumors suggest that the decision was made by the channel’s parent company, Nerdist, which may have been facing financial difficulties at the time.

Is Because Science coming back?

At this time, it is unknown if Because Science will return. Host Kyle Hill has not announced any plans to revive the show, and there has been no official statement from Nerdist or any other entity associated with the channel. Fans can only hope that the show will return in the future.

Are there any updates on the future of Because Science?

As of now, there are no updates on the future of Because Science. Fans of the show have been left in the dark about the fate of their favorite science education series. However, Kyle Hill has continued to produce content on his personal YouTube channel and social media accounts, giving fans hope that he will continue to explore science and pop culture in the future.

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