What is a maritime physical?

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Merchant Mariner physicals are a type of military physical examination. They are required for admittance to the U.S. Coast Guard. They may also be required for grade raises if an applicant hasn’t completed one within three years of applying.

Who can perform a Coast Guard physical?

1. All exams, tests and demonstrations must be performed, witnessed or reviewed by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner licensed by a state in the U.S., a U.S. possession, or a U.S. territory.

What does a Coast Guard physical entail?

We will perform a complete medical evaluation and physical examination to evaluate if you are physically fit to perform the tasks necessary to function on a ship during ordinary and emergency conditions. Merchant Mariner Medical Evaluation Form will be completed as well as all required testing.

How long is a USCG medical certificate good for?

The National Expiration Date governs the validity of your document. This date should be five years from the date the Coast Guard approved your last physical examination, unless a medical waiver is issued for a shorter period of time.

How long does it take to get a USCG medical certificate?

NPT is the total time the Coast Guard spends processing the application and does not include the time waiting for information from mariners. The NMC has set a NPT goal of 20 days. Medical Certificate throughput is a ratio of the total number of applications finished divided by the total number of applications received.

How do I renew my merchant mariner medical certificate?

In order to renew the medical certificate prior to expiration, mariners must submit an application. Applications can be submitted through a Regional Exam Center (REC) or directly to the NMC. A CG-719B is not required and there are no fees associated with applying for a medical certificate.

What is a merchant mariner physical?

To be considered for this type of work, you need to meet or exceed the medical requirements and health standards put in place by the organization. The Merchant Marine physical involves various tests to gauge the physical strength and physiological efficiency of the body.

What is a Marine medical exam?

Marine medical examinations include the testing of visual acuity, colour vision, hearing, and other physical requirements. TriMedical physicians are certified by Transport Canada to conduct pre-employment, periodic, and return-to-work medicals for mariners.

What are the requirements for medical certificate?

In order to be considered valid, documentation of a medical certificate must include: Being in the form of an official, original & hard copy document. The name and address of the practitioner issuing the certificate clearly stated. Date the certificate is written and signed by the practitioner.

What medications are not allowed to renew USCG license?

“Dangerous drugs” – under the Department of Transportation rules are: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), and amphetamines. Proof that you are free of dangerous drugs is required with your renewal application. Only a screening that tests for the five dangerous drugs is accepted.

What is the age limit for Coast Guard?

Age Limits for Enlisting You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31. Marines: 28.

What is the quickest medical certifications to get?

  1. Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) Training time: 11 weeks.
  2. Professional Coder. Training time: 20 weeks.
  3. Pharmacy Technician Professional.
  4. Medical Assistant.
  5. Medical Front Office Administration Specialist.
  6. Behavioral Technician Specialist.
  7. Patient Care Technician (PCT)

How do I submit a USCG medical certificate?

The preferred method to submit your application and supporting documentation is via e-mail to [email protected]. Please include your full name in the subject line and ensure attachments are in PDF format. A CG-719B can ONLY be submitted to a Regional Exam Center.

What disqualifies the Coast Guard?

As part of the recruitment process, you will have to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and a military entrance medical exam. You will also be subject to a police background check and as with other military services; felony convictions will disqualify you from consideration.

How much does a Merchant Mariner Credential cost?

Original MMC endorsement for a qualified rating: $45 (issuance), $95 (evaluation) and $140 (examination). Renewal of MMC endorsement for a qualified rating: $45 each for issuance and examination and $50 for evaluation.

How long does it take to process Merchant Mariner Credential?

The NMC has set a net processing goal of 30 days. Mariner Credential Throughput is a ratio of the total number of applications finished divided by the total number of applications received.

How long does it take to get Merchant Mariner Credential?

Merchant Marine apprenticeship programs such as the MITAGS Maritime Apprenticeship Program (MAP) give prospective applicants the experience and credentials they need to become successful mariners. MAP takes a little over two years. It involves 26 weeks of classroom education and 360 days of sea time.

Can a diabetic be a boat captain?

What are the common captain’s license medical disqualifiers? Here are the top five medical conditions that can delay your captain’s license application or cause the application to be denied: Cardiac disease. Diabetes.

How long does a Merchant Mariner Credential last?

An MMC is valid for a term of 5 years. Adding an endorsement during this period does not change the expiration date. The only time the expiration date will change is when a mariner applies for and meets all renewal requirements. Once an MMC has expired, a mariner may not serve under the authority of that credential.

What counts as a day of sea time?

A day of sea service is any day that a mariner served upon a vessel in an assigned position in either the deck or engineering department of a vessel (not a passenger). The position may include duties such as: handling lines, being a lookout, steering the boat, and other navigational or propulsion functions.

What does a seafarers medical consist of?

A physical exam (listen to heart & lungs, blood pressure, heart rate, reflexes, etc.) Successful applicants will be issued a certificate that is valid for 2 years declaring them fit to work offshore. An audiogram. Visual acuity testing.

How long does a seafarers medical take?

The ENG1 Medical takes about 45 minutes to complete. You will need to take a form of ID (passport or driving license) and any glasses you use for reading with you. The Doctor will measure your height, weight, and blood pressure and ask for a urine sample, to check for diabetes.

How long is a medical certificate good for?

Review: Medical Certificate Regulations All medical certificates are valid for 60 months, unless you’re 40 or older the day you get it (then it’s 24 months). The difference of valid times, according to FAR 61.23, depends on what type of operation you use your medical for.

Can any doctor give you a medical certificate?

Any registered doctor can do this job ,such as every doctor has seal with register number but mostly government doctors have this register number so its better go through the government doctor . First you will have to download medical certificate format.

Can employers call your doctor?

Is it illegal for an employer to call your doctor? It is illegal for an employer to call your doctor, or seek access to your medical records, without your explicit written consent. They must also inform you of your rights around this subject under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

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