What is a petiole answer?

The petiole is the long, thin, stalk that links the leaf blade to the stem. Along with leaf base, lamina and petiole, together form the main parts of a leaf.

What is also called as petiole?

The petiole part of the leaf is also called as mesopodium. The lamina part of the leaf is called as epipodium. Thus, the correct answer is ‘Mesopodium.

What is the petiole and its function?

In botany, the petiole (/ˈpiːti. oʊl/) is the stalk that attaches the leaf blade to the stem, and is able to twist the leaf to face the sun. This gives a characteristic foliage arrangement to the plant.

What is stem and petiole?

The petiole is the stalk that supports a leaf in a plant and attaches it to the stem. Many people often call it a stem, which is incorrect. A stem is the part of the plant that serves as the main source of support and produces nodes and roots, and that’s not what we observe in petioles.

What is a petiole Class 6?

Petiole The part of the leaf attached to the stem is the petiole. It is a thin stalk that attaches a leaf to a plant. Functions Petiole joins the leaf to the stem. It can twist the leaf to turn towards sunlight. It gives support to leaves.

What is petiole Toppr?

Petiole is the stalk that supports a leaf in a plant and attaches the leaf blade to the stem.

Do all plants have petioles?

Not all leaves have petioles. In some plants, leaves are attached directly to the plant stem. Leaves that do not have petioles, they belong to the broomrape family. These types of leaves are called sessile leaves.

What is the function of petiole Class 11?

Solution : The stalk of the leaf is called petiole.
Functions :-
(i) It helps to hold the leaf blade to the light.
(ii) It also helps the blade to flutter in wind.

Do petioles have stomata?

It has stomata on both surfaces and a petiole that allows the leaf to turn readily in the wind. These adaptations may allow its fast growth rate.

What are the functions of the petiole and veins in a leaf?

The petiole has tiny tubes, that connect the veins on the leaf blade to the stem. Few of these enable water transport to the leaf while the other carry food away from the leaf to other parts of the plant.

What are petiole samples?

What are the functions of petiole and lamina Class 11?

The stalk of the leaf is called petiole; petiole connects the lamina to the stem that allows the leaf lamina to flutter in wind, thereby cooling the leaf and bringing fresh air to the surface. It bears the weight of the lamina and conducts water and food material between the stem and leaf.

What is a stem?

STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

What are the 7 parts of a leaf?

Apex: tip of the leaf • Margin: edge of the leaf • Veins: carry food/water throughout leaf; act as a structure support • Midrib: thick, large single vein along the midline of the leaf • Base: bottom of the leaf • Petiole: the stalk that joins a leaf to the stem; leafstalk • Stipule: the small, leaf-like appendage to a …

What is called leaf blade?

leaf structure …a broad expanded blade (the lamina), attached to the plant stem by a stalklike petiole. In angiosperms leaves commonly have a pair of structures known as stipules, which are located on each side of the leaf base and may resemble scales, spines, glands, or leaflike structures.

What is a stomata in biology?

Stomata, each surrounded by a pair of guard cells, are microscopic pores in the shoot epidermis of plants. Stomatal pores serve as a low-resistance pathway for diffusional movement of gas and water vapor between a plant and the environment, therefore contributing significantly to agriculture and the global …

What is a leaf grade 6?

Leaf is a thin, broad, green part arising from the stem. Leaves are present on branches of the plant which are attached directly to stem.

What is simple leaf?

Definition of simple leaf : a leaf whose blade is not divided to the midrib even though lobed — compare compound leaf.

What is called lamina?

lamina. / (ˈlæmɪnə) / noun plural -nae (-ˌniː) or -nas. a thin plate or layer, esp of bone or mineral. botany the flat blade of a leaf, petal, or thallus.

What are plant veins called?

The vein xylem transports water from the petiole throughout the lamina mesophyll, and the phloem transports sugars out of the leaf to the rest of the plant.

What are leaf without petiole is called?

Leaves lacking petiole are called sessile.

Which leaves do not have petiole?

Thus, the correct answer is ‘Sessile. ‘

What is the type of leaf without petiole?

Solution : A leaf without petiole is sessile.

Why is the leaf petiole important?

The petiole is the region of a leaf that connects the leaf blade to the stem. The petiole is a critical structure that maintains the chemical and nutrients in a plant and plays a key role when deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall.

What is the other name of leaf stalk?

the stalk attaching a leaf to a stem or branch. Technical name: petiole.

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