What is a squiggly bond?

A wavy line indicates that the stereochemistry of the bond is unknown. A dotted line indicates that the bond is not a full bond, it is only a partial bond as in a hydrogen bond or a partially formed or broken bond in a transition state.

What is the dashed line in bond structure?

(chemistry) A method of representing the three-dimensional structure of a molecule in which simple lines represent bonds in the plane of the image, wedge-shaped lines represent bonds towards the viewer, and dashed lines represent bonds away from the viewer.

What does two wavy lines mean?

There are several symbols that can be used to say items are “approximately the same,” “similar to” or “about equal.” Some of these symbols include: “≈” (two tildes or wavy lines, often used for “approximately equal”)

What is zig zag structure?

Zigzag structure (Natta projection): A representation of molecular structure in which the carbon skeleton is drawn in a continuous ‘w’ shape (hence the name zigzag structure), and the stereochemistry at each carbon shown with solid and broken wedges. Zigzag structure for D-glucose.

Why are bond line structures zigzag?

Bond-Line (a.k.a. zig-zag) Formulas The name gives away how this formula works. This formula is full of bonds and lines, and because of the typical (more stable) bonds that atoms tend to make in molecules, they often end up looking like zig-zag lines.

Why are carbon chains zigzag?

Explanation: The zig-zag arises from our attempt to draw a three-dimensional structure, on two-dimensional paper. We tend to draw these structures as straight chains, i.e. with the greatest symmetry possible. In actuality, the carbon chain is wiggling about all over the place.

What do the different lines mean in chemistry?

These lines represent the covalent chemical bonds that are formed between the atoms making up a molecule. One line indicates a single bond, two lines indicate a double bond, and three lines indicate a triple bond.

What does ∼ mean?

The symbol ∼ does not have a set meaning across all subjects, but it is almost always used to denote an equivalence relation: a relation that is reflexive, symmetric, and transitive.

What does a wiggly line mean?

Informally, it means “approximately”, “about”, or “around”, such as “~30 minutes before”, meaning “approximately 30 minutes before”.

What is the squiggly line called?

It’s called a tilde. Around the 12th century, Spanish scribes, in part to save paper, placed the tilde over a letter to indicate that it was doubled. As time passed, the mark was only used over the letter “n”; eventually, the ñ became an actual letter of the Spanish alphabet.

What is meant by bond line formula or zigzag formula?

The following is a bond-line (a.k.a. zig-zag) formula for retinol. With this simiplified representation, one can easily see the carbon-carbon bonds, double bonds, OH group, and CH3 groups sticking off of the the main ring and chain.

What do the lines between molecules represent?

Lines are used to represent the carbon-carbon bonds with the proper bond angles. Line drawings are much superior to structural formulas because they provide some information on molecular geometry and are easier to draw! 1.

How do you draw a zig zag structure?

What are the hexagons in chemistry called?

The most commonly encountered aromatic compound is benzene. The usual structural representation for benzene is a six carbon ring (represented by a hexagon) which includes three double bonds. Each of the carbons represented by a corner is also bonded to one other atom. In benzene itself, these atoms are hydrogens.

How do you read a carbon chain?

How do you read a carbon ring structure?

How do you read organic chemistry?

What does the lines inside the benzene ring represent?

Benzene is represented by this symbol, where the circle represents the delocalized electrons, and each corner of the hexagon has a carbon atom with a hydrogen attached.

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What does this symbol mean?

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Which type of bonds are represented by lines between two atoms?

covalent bond, in chemistry, the interatomic linkage that results from the sharing of an electron pair between two atoms. The binding arises from the electrostatic attraction of their nuclei for the same electrons.

How can the shape of a molecule determine its polarity?

The approximate shape of a molecule can be predicted from the number of electron groups and the number of surrounding atoms. The molecular polarity can be established by determining the vector sum of all bond dipoles.

How can we represent the molecule using symbols?

Answer: A chemical formula tells you the specific elements present in a molecule represented by their symbols from the periodic table and the number of atoms of each present indicated by a subscript number following the symbol.

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