What is CSA short for?

CSA 2. abbreviation. child sexual abuse; child sex abuse. Community Services Administration.

What does CSA mean in research?

CSA. Clinical Study Agreement. Medical, Medical Research, Health.

What does casting CSA stand for?

Casting Society of America — C.S.A. The Casting Society of America (CSA) was formed in 1982, originally known as the American Society of Casting Directors. The society is a collection of the best casting directors in film, television, and stage.

How does a CSA work?

What is Community Supported Agriculture? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a production and marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. Consumers become CSA members by paying an agreed amount at the beginning of the growing season, either in one lump sum or in installments.

What does CSA approved mean?

CSA is recognized around the world. The CSA logo, found on many products, indicates that the product, process and service have been tested according to Canadian or U.S. standards and that they comply with the requirements of this standard.

How do I join the CSA?

In order to become a CSA Associate Casting Director member, you should be: An online Associate Casting Director for a minimum of 75 weeks within the last 5 years (from date of application) working in Film, Television, Theatre or Commercials (Extras/background, videos, print work are not criteria for membership).

What does ace after a name mean?

The name Ace is of Latin origin and means “one, unity.” It was once more common as a nickname, but has now gained popularity as a given name.

What does PGA mean after a name?

When “p.g.a.,” known as the Producers’ Mark, shows up after a producer’s name in credits, it signifies that the producer so designated actually did the work of producing the movie onscreen.

What is local CSA?

CSA 101. First of all, CSA stands for “community supported agriculture.” By joining a CSA, members basically buy a portion (or share) of a local farm’s harvest for the year. You pay an initial fee in exchange for a weekly box of fresh and seasonal items.

Where is our local CSA?

And it’s www.LocalHarvest.org. This is a website where farmers can list their farm and their CSA. And because it’s free, most farmers use it. If you want to find out what CSAs are in your zip code, this is the place to go.

Are CSA sustainable?

CSAs are a sustainable food option where carbon emissions are lower and many commit to treating the land, the workers, and the consumers fairly.

What is difference between CSA and UL?

Unlike CSA, a UL certification applies only to the United States. The organization can perform the tests to the international standards (ISO) or Canada (C – UL), but the UL logo indicates that the product has been certified for the United States only. This is the main difference between the two organizations.

Is CSA the same as UL?

The fact is, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and CSA Group (CSA) are both Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) that test to the same harmonized Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, making their certifications virtually interchangeable.

Are CSA standards Law?

Is a CSA Group standard law? CSA Group is an independent, impartial organization that develops standards & codes. We are not a government body and as such, do not have the power to make the requirements of a standard or code mandatory.

What is CSA mental health?

Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a widely acknowledged trauma that affects a substantial number of boys/men and has the potential to undermine mental health across the lifespan. Despite the topic’s importance, few studies have examined the long-term effects of CSA on mental health in middle and late life for men.

What is CSA Electrical?

CSA standards are safety standards in Canada for electrical appliances, medical devices, machinery, equipment, etc. The Canadian Standards Association was established in 1919 as a non-profit, non-governmental standardization organization.

Is CSAs cost effective?

The program cost varies farm to farm, but the average tends to be between $300 and $500 for about four months (however, there are CSAs that cost much more and some that are less). Summer CSA programs typically begin in May or June and extend into September.

Is Ace a girl name?

The name Ace is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “one, unity”.

Is Ace a unisex name?

What is the meaning of Ace ? Ace is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Latin. Ace name meanings is One, one unit.

Is Ace a pet name?

Ace is a short, simple name with a history of being at the top. Suitable for any loyal furry companion, it makes for a top-choice name, or even a casual nickname if you prefer. After all, a dog and all its charm tend to bring unimaginable fun in any home.

What does pda mean after a name?

abbreviation. Definition of PDA (Entry 2 of 2) public display of affection.

What does Pog mean for movies?

Another definition according to the internet is that POG is an acronym for “Play Of the Game” in gaming, but it seems it’s mostly used to mean “good.” Pogchamp is an emote used on Twitch to express excitement.

What does PG stand for?

—used to certify that a motion picture is of such a nature that all ages may be allowed admission but parental guidance is suggested — compare g, nc-17, pg-13, r.

Who created the CSA?

The modern CSA originated in Japan. In 1971, Teruo Ichiraku (1906–1994), a philosopher and a leader of agricultural cooperatives, alerted consumers to the dangers of the chemicals used in agriculture and set off the movement for an organic agriculture.

What are the benefits of CSA?

  • Receive the freshest produce possible.
  • You Can Save Money.
  • Support Local Farmers.
  • Get To Know Your Farmers.
  • Try New Vegetables.
  • It’s Better For The Environment.
  • Eat Healthier.
  • Your Food is Always in Season.
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