What is solution product chemistry?

The solubility product constant is the equilibrium constant for the dissolution of a solid substance into an aqueous solution. It is denoted by the symbol Ksp. The solubility product is a kind of equilibrium constant and its value depends on temperature.

Is solution the same as substance?

A solution is a mixture of two or more substances, but it’s not just any mixture. A solution is a homogeneous mixture. In a homogeneous mixture, the dissolved particles are spread evenly through the mixture.

Is every mixture a solution?

They are defined as homogeneous mixtures. Solutions can include salt water, soda water, or even metal alloys. But all mixtures are not solutions.

Which is an example of a solution?

Some examples of solutions are salt water, rubbing alcohol, and sugar dissolved in water. When you look closely, upon mixing salt with water, you can’t see the salt particles anymore, making this a homogeneous mixture.

What is the opposite of a solution in chemistry?

Precipitation is the process of a compound coming out of solution. It is the opposite of dissolution or solvation. In dissolution, the solute particles separate from each other and are surrounded by solvent molecules. In precipitation, the solute particles find each other and form a solid together.

What is a solution chemistry simple?

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. A solution may exist in any phase. A solution consists of a solute and a solvent. The solute is the substance that is dissolved in the solvent. The amount of solute that can be dissolved in solvent is called its solubility.

What is the synonym of solution?

Synonyms. answer. Simply marking an answer wrong will not help the student. resolution. a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

What are two parts of a solution called?

Components of a Solution It has basically has two components i.e. a solvent and a solute. Solvent: The component of a solution which dissolves the other component in itself is called solvent. A solvent constitutes the larger component of the solution. For example, a solution of sugar in water is solid in the liquid.

Is water a solution or solute?

What is not example of a solution?

In chemistry , a solution is a homogeneous mixture composed of two or more substances. Here Benzene in water is not an example of solution. Since benzene cannot dissolve in water because of its chemical structure which is non polar in nature.

Is lemonade a mixture or solution?

Lemonade is an example of a solution: a mixture of one or more substances dissolved evenly into another substance. A solution has physical properties that are a combination of properties from its ingredients. For example, lemonade has a yellow color from the lemon juice and a sweet taste from the sugar.

Are all solutions liquid?

Answer: The solution is usually a liquid, but not always. It might also include a mixture of two solids like in alloys, and a mixture of gases, such as air.

What is another name for a solution in chemistry?

The word “solution” is just another fancy term for homogeneous mixture (see Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures). In solutions, one material (called the solute) is completely dissolved in another (called the solvent).

What is an example of solution in chemistry?

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more components in which the particle size is smaller than 1 nm. Common examples of solutions are sugar in water and salt in water solutions, soda water, etc.

What are the 3 types of solutions?

Hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic solutions (tonicity)

What’s the opposite of a solution?

Opposite of a solution to a problem or dilemma. dilemma. conundrum. indecision. predicament.

What is a characteristic of a solution?

Characteristics of Solutions: Solutions are homogeneous mixtures containing two or more substances called the solute and solvent. Page 1. Characteristics of Solutions: Solutions are homogeneous mixtures containing two or more substances called the solute and solvent. The solute is the substance that dissolves.

What is the closest antonym for the word solution?

  • chemical.
  • doubt.
  • element.
  • problem.
  • quandary.
  • question.
  • trouble.

How do you know if something is a solution in chemistry?

A solution consists of two or more substances dissolved in a liquid form. Not to get confused with a mixture, which is heterogeneous–multiple substances exist in varying structures– solutions are homogenous, which means that atoms of the solute are evenly dispersed throughout the solvent (ex. water, ethanol).

What is the best definition of a solution?

Definition of solution 1a : an action or process of solving a problem. b : an answer to a problem : explanation specifically : a set of values of the variables that satisfies an equation.

How do you find the solution in chemistry?

Divide the mass of the solute by the total volume of the solution. Write out the equation C = m/V, where m is the mass of the solute and V is the total volume of the solution. Plug in the values you found for the mass and volume, and divide them to find the concentration of your solution.

Is Solutioning a word?

The process of finding a solution to a problem. The process the subject goes through to arrive at the desired actions or responses is called “solutioning!”

Is solutionary a word?

Solutionary is not just a noun; it’s also an adjective. As an adjective, it means: pertaining to or characterized by solving problems in a strategic, comprehensive manner that strives not to harm one group while helping another. It’s not easy to devise solutionary solutions to complex challenges.

What is a solution made up of?

Making Solutions A simple solution is basically two substances that are evenly mixed together. One of them is called the solute and the other is the solvent. A solute is the substance to be dissolved (sugar). The solvent is the one doing the dissolving (water).

How many is a part of solution?

Solutions are made up of two parts: a solvent and a solute. Solvent – The component that dissolves the other component is called the solvent. Solute – The component that is dissolved in the solvent is called solute.

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