What is the synonym for weariness?

Synonyms. tiredness. fatigue. Those affected suffer extreme fatigue. exhaustion.

What’s weariness mean?

noun. the state or condition of being physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain, etc.; tiredness; fatigue: Weariness, pain, and hunger made the wretched man fall asleep, and he slept the whole night.

What do you mean by fatigue?

1 : weariness or exhaustion from labor, exertion, or stress. 2 : the temporary loss of power to respond induced in a sensory receptor or motor end organ by continued stimulation. fatigue.

What is lassitude dictionary?

noun. weariness of body or mind from strain, oppressive climate, etc.; lack of energy; listlessness; languor: It was yet another day of extreme heat and lassitude.

What is a sentence for weariness?

Weariness sentence example. There was weariness in his voice that disarmed any offense he felt. Weariness settled on her brow as she rubbed her eyes. A certain depression and weariness of spirit darken the general tone.

What is the antonyms of weariness?

Antonyms. refresh recuperate strengthening wakefulness drunkenness soberness sleepiness. tiredness logginess jet lag fatigue asthenopia.

What causes weariness?

Causes of fatigue include: Lifestyle habits: Poor diet, excessive alcohol, drug use, too much stress and a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to fatigue. Jet lag commonly causes temporary fatigue (symptoms usually improve in a few days).

What type of word is weary?

Weary as an adjective means “very tired or worn out,” like weary students who finished a long week of studying and taking tests.

What is an example of weary?

The definition of weary is feeling very tired or fatigued. An example of weary is how a worker will feel after working for 12 hours straight on his feet.

What are 3 types of fatigue?

There are three types of fatigue: transient, cumulative, and circadian: Transient fatigue is acute fatigue brought on by extreme sleep restriction or extended hours awake within 1 or 2 days.

What are two types of fatigue?

There are two main types of fatigue: physical and mental. A person with physical fatigue may find it physically hard to do the things they usually do, such as climbing the stairs. Symptoms include muscle weakness, and diagnosis may involve completing a strength test.

What are the four types of fatigue?

She listed six types of fatigue: social, emotional, physical, pain, mental, and chronic illness.

What is a licentiousness person?

1 : lacking legal or moral restraints especially : disregarding sexual restraints licentious behavior licentious revelers. 2 : marked by disregard for strict rules of correctness.

What is an example of Pertinacity?

They fought with more pertinacity than bulldogs. This pertinacity engendered a belief in France that Italy was about to undertake in Tunisia a more aggressive policy than necessary for the protection of her commercial interests. In the end the pertinacity of John triumphed.

Which of the following means weakness or debility?

(ăs-thē′nē-ə) n. Loss or lack of bodily strength; weakness; debility.

How do you use exasperated in a sentence?

He stopped in front of her, his expression exasperated as he gazed down at her. He pulled away with an exasperated sigh and answered the phone. Rostopchin felt this, and it was this which exasperated him. Elisabeth let out an exasperated sigh and rubbed her forehead.

What is the make sentence of pounced?

How to use Pounced in a sentence. He pounced, tearing at the jumper. He pounced on her again, pinning her to the floor. His penetrating gaze prowled over her face and pounced on her eyes.

What is the meaning of word synonym?

noun. syn·​o·​nym ˈsi-nə-ˌnim. : one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses. : a word or phrase that by association is held to embody something (such as a concept or quality) a tyrant whose name has become a synonym for oppression.

What is another word for destiny?

Some common synonyms of destiny are doom, fate, lot, and portion. While all these words mean “a predetermined state or end,” destiny implies something foreordained and often suggests a great or noble course or end.

What is the synonym of just?

equitable, exactly, precisely, barely, hardly, scarce, scarcely, but, only, simply, aloof, blameless, condign, conscientious, decent, dependable, dispassionate, due, equal, ethical.

How do you deal with weariness?

  1. Let God Help You Receive Strength.
  2. Be a Disciple Even When You’re Weary.
  3. Tell God All About It.
  4. Ask Jesus for Restoration.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask.

What are some synonyms for tiredness?

  • fatigue.
  • weariness.
  • collapse.
  • consumption.
  • debilitation.
  • debility.
  • enervation.
  • expenditure.

Does anxiety make you tired?

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms associated with anxiety, panic disorder, chronic stress, depression and other mental health disorders.

What is tired and weary?

physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain, etc.; fatigued; tired: weary eyes;a weary brain.

What does heart weary mean?

1 tired or exhausted. 2 causing fatigue or exhaustion. 3 caused by or suggestive of weariness.

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