What is the yield of a plant?

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Crop yield is a standard measurement of the amount of agricultural production harvested—yield of a crop—per unit of land area. Crop yield is the measure most often used for cereal, grain, or legumes; and typically is measured in bushels, tons, or pounds per acre in the U.S.

What is crop yield in biology?

The amount of plant crop (such as cereal, grain or legume) harvested per unit area for a given time. Supplement. In agriculture, the crop yield is a measure of the grains or dry matter quantity in a particular area. It is usually expressed in kilograms per hectare (or metric ton per hectare).

What does yielding mean in science?

In chemistry, yield, also referred to as reaction yield, is a measure of the quantity of moles of a product formed in relation to the reactant consumed, obtained in a chemical reaction, usually expressed as a percentage.

What does high yield mean biology?

The higher the yield and more intensive use of the farmland, the higher the productivity and profitability of a farm; this increases the well-being of farming families. Surplus crops beyond the needs of subsistence agriculture can be sold or bartered.

What does yield mean in growing?

You can measure yield per plant, per acre, per farm, etcetera. It’s the total amount of plant product that is gained at the end of the growing process.

What is difference between yield and production?

The difference between yield and production is that yield refers per area harvest and, production is total harvest measured in tonnes per hectare. Crop yields are the harvested production per unit of harvested area for crop products.

What is the difference between crop and yield?

The importance of crop production is related to harvested areas, returns per hectare (yields) and quantities produced. Crop yields are the harvested production per unit of harvested area for crop products.

How is yield measured?

Yield is calculated as: Yield = Net Realized Return / Principal Amount. For example, the gains and return on stock investments can come in two forms. First, it can be in terms of price rise, where an investor purchases a stock at $100 per share and after a year they sell it for $120.

How is biological yield calculated?

Finally the harvest index (HI) was calculated to determine the fraction of economically useful products of a plant in relation to its total productivity (grain to straw ratio) and calculated using following formula: HI = (EY/BY) x 100 Where; HI = Harvest Index, EY = Economic Yield (grain yield), BY = Biological Yield ( …

What do you mean yield?

1 : to give (something) over to the power or control of another : surrender The troops would not yield the fort to the enemy. 2 : to give in He yielded to temptation. 3 : to produce as a natural product These trees yield fruit.

What is yield with example?

As an example, if you invest $900 in a $1,000 bond that pays a 5% coupon rate, your interest income would be ($1,000 x 5%), or $50. The current yield would be ($50)/($900), or 5.56%. If, however, you buy the same $1,000 bond at a premium of $1,100, the current yield will be ($50)/($1,100), or 4.54%.

How do you yield?

What does yield mean for rice?

Yield components refer to the structures of the rice plant that directly translate into yield. These are: the number of panicles per given area, the number of spikelets (potential) grains per panicle, the percent of filled grains per panicle, and the weight of each grain.

Why is yield prediction important?

Crop yield prediction is an essential task for the decision-makers at national and regional levels (e.g., the EU level) for rapid decision-making. An accurate crop yield prediction model can help farmers to decide on what to grow and when to grow. There are different approaches to crop yield prediction.

What is yield efficiency?

Definition. Efficiency is expressed as the unit of input required to produce a unit of output, and yield is the total product generated per unit of time or space. Both concepts address waste as a negative characteristic and drive toward improved profitability.

What is the difference between yield and return?

Yield is the amount an investment earns during a time period, usually reflected as a percentage. Return is how much an investment earns or loses over time, reflected as the difference in the holding’s dollar value.

What is yield in food production?

Yield in culinary terms refers to how much you will have of a finished or processed product. Professional recipes should always state a yield; for example, a tomato soup recipe may yield 15 L, and a muffin recipe may yield 24 muffins.

Is yield same as harvest?

When ‘yield’ is used as a verb, it has a more diverse usage. It can mean to produce something, such as a crop on a farm, as in: The field yielded a large pumpkin harvest. In this example, it is used with the word ‘harvest’ being used as a noun, with ‘yield’ as a verb relating to farming and crop production.

What affects the crop yield?

Yield is influenced by climate and temperature, plant and water management, and soil nutrient management factors. Good genetics plus the ability to manipulate and optimize the plant’s environment generally result in the highest yields. Climate and temperature factors are critical to achieving high yields.

How is yield measured Class 9?

During a single season, the yield is measured as a crop produced on a given piece of land. Kilogram per hectare or bushels per acre are the units by which the yield of a crop is usually measured now – a – days. The surplus crops which are beyond the needs of the subsistence agriculture can be sold or bartered.

Which crop has the highest yield?

The highest yielding crops are sugar cane, sugar beet, and tomatoes. Sugar cane accounts for about 80% of the world’s sugar production, while sugar beet the remaining 20%.

Which type of agriculture gives more yield?

Intensive agriculture, also known as intensive farming (as opposed to extensive farming), conventional, or industrial agriculture, is a type of agriculture, both of crop plants and of animals, with higher levels of input and output per unit of agricultural land area.

What is the yield formula?

The percent yield formula is a way of calculating the annual income-only return on an investment by placing income in the numerator and cost (or market value) in the denominator. Percentage yield formula: = Dividends per Share / Stock Price x 100. = Coupon / Bond Price x 100.

What is total yield?

The total yield is the capital gain plus the annual dividend divided by the initial investment. A capital gain is the profit from the sale of an asset (in this case, stock). To calculate the capital gain, subtract the ending price of the stock from the initial price.

What is standard yield?

Standard Yields The yield of a recipe is the number of portions it will produce. Standard yields for high-cost ingredients such as meat are determined by calculating the cost per cooked portion. For example, a 5 kg roast might be purchased for $17 a kilogram.

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