What materials can be used to seed a BOD sample?

The best source of seed that gives the most reproducible results is domestic wastewater (influent) or effluent from biological water treatment plants before disinfection. Other sources such as industrial wastewater may not have enough microorganisms, or may contain toxins that prevent the organisms from growing.

Which method is used for determination of BOD?

In my opinion the amperometric method for DO using a Clark Cell Is a more common method for measuring DO as part of a BOD test. In addition to the direct amperometric method to DO there is also the galvanic method based on the Mackareth Cell.

How do you test for BOD and COD?

Testing for BOD involves incubating a sealed water sample at 20C for five days, followed by measuring the difference in oxygen content before and after incubation. COD measures how much DO is consumed by the oxidation of organic matter and inorganic compounds such as ammonia or nitrite under controlled conditions.

Why are BOD samples kept in the dark?

With every mixture a duplicate of bottles is prepared. In one bottle of each pair, the concentration of dissolved oxygen is determined (e.g. by means of an oxygen probe) immediately after mixing. The other bottle is stored for n days at 20°C in the dark (to prevent photochemical reactions).

Why is BOD measured after 5 days?

BOD occurs in 2 general stages. While calculating the oxygen demand, the carbonaceous stage is taken into account. This stage is almost completed in 5 days, which means that most of the organic content of the sewage is oxidized under aerobic conditions in 5 days. Hence ,BOD for 5 days is calculated.

Why BOD method is used?

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is the amount of oxygen taken up by microorganisms that decompose organic waste matter in water. It is therefore used as a measure of the amount of certain types of organic pollutant in water.

Why BOD test should be done promptly after the collection?

Samples for BOD analysis may degrade significantly during storage between collection and analysis, resulting in low BOD values. For this reason, analyze samples promptly or cool samples to 4º C for storage.

Why is BOD calculated?

The BOD test measures the strength of the wastewater by measuring the amount of oxygen used by the bacteria as they stabilize the organic matter under controlled conditions of time and temperature.

How do you collect a wastewater sample?

How do you collect it and test it? The preferred option is the automatic composite sample. This is where a pump automatically collects a small volume of wastewater every 15 minutes over 24 hours. These are already setup at most wastewater treatment plants and most of the samples are taken this way.

What is BOD and How Is It measured?

The BOD test is a bioassay technique involving the measurement of oxygen consumed by the bacteria while stabilizing the organic matter in the waste as they would normally do in nature but under normal laboratory conditions. By convention, the test is conducted for a period of 5 days at 20°C (68°F).

What is difference between BOD and COD?

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is the amount of oxygen required by the microorganisms to break down the organic materials, whereas chemical oxygen demand (COD) is the amount of oxygen required to break down the organic material via oxidation.

Why is BOD test done at 20 degrees?

After placing the samples in an incubator at 20 C, the water will warm and not be able to hold as much DO. As a result, bubbles may form in the bottles. This can also happen with a low dilution sample, such as an effluent composite sample that was collected at 4 C and not warmed to temperature.

Why is BOD important in water quality?

The BOD is an important parameter for assessing water quality. It deals with the amount of oxygen consumption (mg O2 L− 1) by aerobic biological organisms to oxidize organic compounds. Sewage with high BOD can cause a decrease in oxygen of receiving waters, which in turn can cause the death of some organism.

What are the limitations of BOD test?

Limitations Of Test The method takes five days to perform and uses a discrete sample. The test has poor reproducibility and toxic chemicals can inhibit measurement. Short-term BOD determinations magnify errors and still require relatively long sample periods. The test is not suited for on-line, continuous measurement.

What is BOD level in water?

BOD is a measure of the amount of oxygen required to remove waste organic matter from water in the process of decomposition by aerobic bacteria (those bacteria that live only in an environment containing oxygen).

What is the BOD value of pure water?

UPLOAD PHOTO AND GET THE ANSWER NOW! Solution : A pure water would have about 1 ppm value. A water supply with BOD level of 3.5 ppm is moderately clean, and water with a BOD level of 6.9 ppm is considered as polluted water.

Does BOD increase with time?

Both BOD and COD is increasing with time. Join ResearchGate to ask questions, get input, and advance your work.

What does high BOD mean?

The dissolved oxygen readings are usually in parts per million (ppm). Higher BOD indicates more oxygen is required, which is less for oxygen-demanding species to feed on, and signifies lower water quality. Inversely, low BOD means less oxygen is being removed from water, so water is generally purer.

How do you make a BOD standard solution?

Add 150 mg glucose and 150 mg glutamic acid to distilled water and dilute to 1 L. Prepare fresh immediately before use unless solution is maintained in a sterile condition. Store all glucose-glutamic acid mixtures at 4°C or lower. Commercial preparations may be used but concentrations may vary.

What is meant by BOD of sample water is 80 MGL?

BOD- Biochemical Oxygen Demand is the amount of dissolved oxygen in a water body, required by microorganisms for the aerobic breakdown of organic matter in the water. Higher the value of BOD more is the amount of organic matter available for aerobic bacteria. this corresponds to the greater degree of pollution.

Why is light excluded in BOD Incubator?

Air incubator or water bath, thermostatically controlled at 20 ± 1oC. Exclude all light to prevent possibility of photosynthetic production of DO.

Why should the BOD bottle be sealed during incubation?

Why is it important to have a watertight seal on my BOD bottles? As a precaution against drawing air into the BOD bottle during the 5-day incubation, you must have a watertight seal. Having a water tight seal will prevent the following: Possible contamination.

At what temperature the bottles for the BOD test are incubated?

During the five-day BOD or BOD5 test process, the BOD bottle is used for incubating diluted samples under the 20 °C or 68 °F of temperature.

How many days BOD is measured Why?

The BOD is an empirical test to determine the molecular oxygen used during a specified incubation period (usually five days), for the biochemical degradation of organic matter (carbonaceous demand) and the oxygen used to oxidise inorganic matter (e.g., sulphides and ferrous iron).

What is grab sampling method?

Grab sampling is a process by which a sample is extracted from a fluid system for remote laboratory analysis.

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