Who are John Dutton’s biological children?

John and Evelyn were blessed with four children: Lee, Jamie, Beth and Kayce. They live and grow up on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Kayce extended the family, marrying Monica Long and having a son named Tate, the grandson of John Dutton.

Why is Kayce branded on Yellowstone?

Why is Kayce branded? As a branded man, Kayce is “bound” to the ranch. John branded Kayce out of spite for Kayce leaving to be with Monica when she got pregnant with Tate.

Who are Kayce Dutton’s parents?

Kayce was born on April 24, 1990 into a ranching family. Before his father John Dutton inherited the ranch, his ancestors had already settled in the Yellowstone vicinity. John and Evelyn Dutton were blessed with three more children: Kayce has two brothers (Lee and Jamie) and a sister (Beth).

Is Rip John Dutton’s son?

Rip Wheeler, fan-favorite cowboy leader and surrogate son to John Dutton, came to the ranch as a teenager in a situation that mirrors Dutton’s adopted son Jamie. Rip was discovered hiding in a barn covered in blood in the aftermath of murdering his own father, who had killed his mother and two brothers.

Who is Elsa Dutton to John Dutton?

Elsa is the sister of John Dutton Senior, but her relationship with Costner’s character is more complicated. As John Dutton Junior came into the mix, Elsa is Costner’s character’s great aunt.

Is Elsa buried on the Dutton ranch?

Who is John Dutton’s favorite child?

So much has happened in Yellowstone’s first few seasons that it’s easy to forget John Dutton had four children in the series pilot. His oldest son Lee was his favorite, and he was the heir to the family business.

Who is Evelyn Dutton in Yellowstone?

Gretchen Mol: Evelyn Dutton Jump to: Photos (5)

What did Kayce tell Monica he saw?

In a new interview, actor Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton on the hit show, opens up about Kayce’s vision quest, which ended with him telling his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille), “I saw the end of us.”

Is James Dutton John Dutton’s grandfather?

The Yellowstone prequel series 1883 introduced us to the original Dutton patriarch, James Dutton (Tim McGraw), and his wife Margaret (Faith Hill). Though it hasn’t been specifically laid out, we can safely guess that James is meant to be the great-grandfather of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.

Was Beth Dutton responsible for her mother’s death?

Beth Blames Herself For Her Mother’s Death She constantly carries the guilt of the accident even though it was not her fault.

Who is Spencer Dutton?

Spencer Dutton is the son of James and Margaret Dutton of the Dutton family that appears in Yellowstone and its prequel 1883. He is played by Charlie Stover.

Does Beth Dutton wear a wig?

Well, Yes. Beth Dutton does wear a wig in Yellowstone. The ombre blond wig with front bangs is the signature look of Beth Dutton. Thick golden shoulder-length hair covering Beth’s face goes hand in hand with her ‘villain-ish’ character in the drama.

Does Elsa Dutton have a baby?

Elsa’s Baby is Spencer The Dutton family in 1893, 10 years after the events of the prequel, is shown in a flashback. Spencer Dutton, John Dutton’s younger brother, is now a teenager. Some fans, however, believe Spencer is really Elsa Dutton’s son. Elsa’s future appears dismal in the opening scene of 1883.

What happens to Elsa Dutton?

By 1883 season 1’s ending, Elsa finally succumbs to the infection and dies. Elsa’s last wish was for her to pick where she’ll be buried, and James and Margaret decide to settle whichever land Elsa chooses – the birth of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

What does Elsa say before she dies in 1883?

I’m not scared, Daddy.” Then, she dies. So, why were these Elsa’s final words? Prior to spotting the bird before her death, she tells James her first memory involved seeing a flock of birds “in the field behind the house.” She saw the birds picking at the soft earth after it rained to easily get to the worms.

Does Elsa in 1883 get pregnant?

After Elsa and Ennis had sex in Episode 5 of 1883, there were several conversations of pregnancy and raising babies, which may be a premonition. Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) warns her daughter that she won’t help her raise the child if she’s pregnant, which sends Elsa straight to Ennis.

Who married Elsa in 1883?

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone prequel, 1883, shows life on the Great Plains — and it hasn’t been easy for the Dutton family or the immigrant travelers.

Why did the Duttons leave Tennessee?

1883’s Dutton family got out of Tennessee in order to seek out greener pastures in a land which they know to be highly dangerous – despite this, they seem to have no clear route or plan in mind.

Is Elsa ever mentioned in Yellowstone?

Throughout the debut season of “1883,” Isabel May’s character Elsa Dutton serves as one of the show’s biggest cornerstones.

Does Sam come back in 1883?

After one of the most heartbreaking episodes of TV in recent memory, 1883 gave its viewers one final scene to bring a smile to those watching. With one final piece of narration, Elsa explains that she is now in Heaven and we see her reunite with her Comanche husband, Sam, after the pair got married in episode 8.

Does rip stay loyal to John?

After growing up at the ranch house Rip became extremely loyal to John and would even handle John’s enemies through any means necessary. Therefore, the patriarch had accepted Rip into his family and in season four he asked the ranch hand to move in.

Who was Beth pregnant by on Yellowstone?

The third season episode titled ‘Cowboys and Dreamers’ shows how Beth was about fifteen years old when she became pregnant. Beth was hooking up with Rip at that time and it is implied that the baby was his. She wasn’t very sure of how her father would react so she reaches out to her brother, Jamie, for help.

What happens to Elsa Dutton in 1883?

In the season one finale of 1883, Elsa Dutton tragically died in her father’s arms. As Elsa was the main character, her death was a heartbreaking ending.

What happened between Beth Dutton and her mom?

But on that day — during a horseback ride with her mother and brother — Beth’s hesitation resulted in her mom landing hard on the ground and getting crushed by one of the animals. The horrible accident killed Beth’s mom.

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